Sep 29, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns fans cheer after the Browns beat the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6 at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Day Trip: Day 2 - Family Support and Factory of Sadness Motto

As you saw in the first video, I am grateful to so many people for the support they have given me. My wife is always the most amazing person in the world and cannot say enough about her. What is cool about my sports life experience and fandom is where it started. I am pulling a little excerpt from my own article (is that okay?), my first article written here for FoS, you can read the full thing here. To give you some perspective of my brother:

The earliest memory I have, and a story told often by my family, is my older brother teaching me to read using Cleveland Indians baseball cards. He would teach me home runs, batting averages and other pertinent stats and then have me memorize certain players stats like Joe Carter’s batting average and home runs  To say that my sports dedication started early would be an understatement.

Then today, when I woke up this morning, I found myself tagged in this Facebook post from my brother, who somehow is a Chicago Bears fan:

My brother Jared is in NYC getting ready to cover the NFL draft and write about his beloved Cleveland Browns. Although I’m a die hard Chicago Bears fan I will cheer on the Browns during the draft and hope they create amazing drama and stories for him to cover. It should be very interesting come tomorrow night to say the least. Wish I was there with him because it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime and one I’ve always wanted to attend. I’m so proud of you little brother and Browns fans are better off because of your coverage of the team. By the way go Bears. Lol. Have fun and see you back here Sunday. Look forward to seeing you on tv and hearing all about it. Love ya.

While very personal, I felt comfortable sharing this with all of you. It is our family members, our influences that decide how we interact with the world. It may be due to a crisis that we become strong enough to handle the stress of life. It could be because of amazing support that we are successful. It starts with our family and we carry it on.

That is also true with how we talk about and cover Cleveland sports. I will cover this more in depth in the future but wanted to address the new motto, tag line and direction of this site. Actually only the motto, tagline is new. The rest is what you have come to expect from us just written out in simple form. We love our Cleveland teams and will not stand for the continued narrative that we have handed on to the younger generation and allowed the national media to pick up. Mike Polk Jr.dubbed the Browns Stadium a Factory of Sadness with a negative connotation. Fansided embraced that name to cover all of Cleveland sports. Today we begin to embrace that name, but not as a negative narrative of our teams. We will turn that narrative on its head. We will mock those who mock us. We will be positive about those teams we love.

Changing the Narrative: A Factory of Sadness for those who oppose Cleveland

Learn it. Live it. Love it. Time to change the story.

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