Jan 4, 2014; Frisco, TX, USA; Towson Tigers running back Terrance West (28) runs the ball against North Dakota State Bison safety Colten Heagle (20) and Christian Dudzik (35) in the second quarter at Toyota Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns trade up, grab RB Terrance West. Analysis



Well Mel Kiper REALLY likes this kid. I’m instantly horrified. McShay just said he reminds him of Alfred Morris, a product of Kyle Shanahan‘s zone-blocking scheme that he is bringing over. Interesting.

The Cleveland Browns have traded up from 106 (early 4th round) and included the 180th pick (6th round) for Terrance West.  West is 5’9″ 225lbs from Towson. (If you’d like the get inside his head check out his draft diary). Everything I’ve researched about this kid makes him seem like he’s going to be a beast. He’s got solid balanced size, ability to run people over, great hands out of the backfield, and the quickness and agility to make guys miss. The tape they showed has him making a mockery of the word tackle. But again he’s not coming from the SEC or Big-10 here or even the ACC. He is tied for the NCAA FCS rushing TD record with some scrub running back named Adrian Peterson and is third in total TDs 3 behind former Eagles’ star Brian Westbrook and 1 behind AP. So he’s got a nose for the endzone, something the Browns’ running backs couldn’t do all season long. It’s like they had full-seasonal allergies. From first glance he looks Carlos Hyde-ish but quicker.  West ran better times in all drills (ran a 4.54 40 which put him in the upperhalf of running back) but did come in 3 bench press reps less.

The Browns have really revamped the rushing game. I talked about it more in depth here but you can see the emphasis and change over. Instead of Willis McGahee, Edwin Baker and Fozzy Whittaker, the Browns will role out Ben Tate, the return of Dion Lewis and now West. It’s becoming very similar to the situations previously in Denver and Washington (where Kyle Shanahan’s father was coach and in Washington where Kyle was OC). I’m weirdly excited about this guy. When you watch him he looks he’s going to be a monster, you just worry about the lack of competition. If he was doing this to a Division 1 league I believe he is the only running back to go in the first round. He looks that explosive. I can’t imagine he starts  but he’ll see time (right now I would love to be a fly on the wall in Ben Tate’s room). The Browns are going to have a dominant rushing attack and will really be able to control the clock and therefore the game. Now if only Josh Gordon put down the pipe long enough (though I being mean, it very easily could have been a bong) to give the offense a full test drive.

The Browns keep skipping over taking a WR. Is it possible they leaked a false report? There’s still some good receivers on the board but the cupboard is starting to look like the day before you go grocery shopping. You know that time when you start looking at those Spaghetti O’s that are a week stale and you start justifying that as a meal. It’s Spaghetti O’s time.


Oh and perfect, Pittsburgh just got the incarnated (Golden) Flash in Dri Archer. He ran a 4.21. That’s a full .07 ahead of the nearest other.


How’s your draft night going?

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  • Gary

    This is the best running back they could find? Hyde wasnt
    good enough for this team? And knowing two weeks ago about Gordons impending suspension, who do they think they are going to throw to? Little?
    Another waste of draft picks by this inept FO

  • Letterman007

    They basically blew this draft after trading down and not taking Watkins or Evans after they knew about Gordon two weeks ago!! And Gordon isn’t an automatic year suspension, could be longer, because he must reapply to the NFL and be given the OK to come back, like Ricky Williams had to!!

    I see more defensive help being taken in this draft than was needed in my opinion! Basically the D is being rebuilt again and I don’t believe we need this many linebackers or corners in camp! Where are that many wide receivers coming from!! Defense doesn’t win games by itself! It needs the offense to help and this team remains offensive poor! If they think they will win games running the ball, what happens when one back goes down and the other gets over worked? MaGahee to the rescue!! Can you say early pick again next year!