Nov 3, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (12) signals first down after a catch against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon Suspended for 2014 Season?


ESPN is reporting that Josh Gordon has failed a 2nd drug test, this time for Marijuana. If true, he can be facing a season long suspension and never play a down for the Cleveland Browns. Check back as more information comes in.


One step forward, one step back.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Richard Ciesielski

    Really, after news like this, if your Ray Learner do you think its time to open the want ads, or do you just stay out of Cleveland for like 3 years or put on a fake beard and wig? Tell me how it made sense to have every WR right at your finger tips and pick a defensive player. Even the top one who wore an orange tie and who looked totally floored when at the spot he was there for you, and he wanted to be a Brown, and you BAILED on him. Then to top it off you traded up 4 places to draft a QB when none of the four teams in front of you wanted to draft one.We went from having the BEST BAR NONE DRAFT WE EVER HAD TO PATHETIC.WE got a great scrambler in a division that loves to put scramblers on the IR, ask Hoyer, or Weeden, or McCoy or Frye about it.You walked into the draft knowing your best reciver has tested positive for pot and is going to be out for who knows how long and the first thing you think of is our DEFENSE ??? An you still have a job getting us talent why ?????Really, I hope they drug test you as well Ray. Boy, after getting rid of Bess because of his issues “off field”, you would think the team is going to have to do the same to Gorden and you react to the news by not getting a TOP REPLACEMENT for him? If those people who bought season tickets knew this ahead of time do you think they would still be backing the team like that?

    • Gary

      Well, the Browns decisions in this draft helped me make up my mind about season tickets. No way will I spend my hard earned money to watch the team they are putting together. They will be lucky to get 3 wins this season.
      Not only do they sit and watch Watkins go right by, they also watched 10 other very good wr’s go to other teams while we sat back and went with defense and a small college running back. I guess Hyde wasn’t good enough for this team. What happened to all our picks?

      • Richard Ciesielski

        I sounded off so many times about Sammy. Its was like Dee Milner revisited all over. I think they find a way to get 6 wins. Josh must feel like a million right now though, I want to be fair to the young fellows we did get though, even the lad at four,err 8 rather. I just can’t believe what Farmer did with that, I think a lot of time will have have to pass before Cleveland sports fans stop spitting everytime that his names brought up. An I don’t see a way to save face and grab a WR in free agency.
        I really really really thought this was OUR year to show we’re not just a bunch of dumb people who live in Ohio.I really wonder how many Browns fans are going to show up to the games now. You know, for that whole Play like a Brown thing they were building Farmer shamed that, Gorden shamed that, and if they do nothing about it,maybe its time to sell this Browns team to.
        If they thought they had a lot to prove not its a thousand times more.With the fall out from this its really time to clean out the front office and anyone responsible for not communicating Gordens situation. Its one thing to screw up yourself, but your team, and the community to wow. I wouldn’t pay him for the time either, if it was me he worked for and I’m being nice, you give Josh the same speech you gave Bess and let him go, just like you did Bess

  • Gary

    Well said , Richard