Positions to address in Day 2 for the Cleveland Browns

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May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Marqise Lee (Southern California) poses for a photo during the NFL Draft red carpet arrivals at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns had an unbelievable draft yesterday, they got two potential top 10 picks and could add another (mocked last year) today in the 2nd round where Marqise Lee is still available. As great as yesterday was, there is still work to be done. Here I’ll take a look at still pressing needs and the players that could fill those needs.


The Browns, much to the dismay of many fans, traded their opportunity to grab Sammy Watkins. Watkins was hands down the #1 prospect in the draft with next up being Mike Evans who went #7. Evans is a monster but I have my concerns on the next level. Too many times he relied on his physical strength to make great plays, something that will be highly tested on the next level. The great thing about the Browns moving down is that there is a great amount of talent still available in what was deemed a deep wide receiver class.

Cody Latimer, from Indiana, seems to be a popular fan pick (I’ve noticed ALOT of the popular fan picks played against Ohio State) but he was shut down in bigger games so I think I’d pass on where he’s projected here in the early 2nd round.

Donte Moncrief seems to be a little over hyped for me. I don’t see the can’t miss part of him, especially here in the 2nd round. Everything he does seems to be average and he wasn’t even the #1 target on his team this past season.

My Picks

Marqise Lee is guy who is great at everything. He runs great routes, has solid speed, can fight across the middle and can make most every catch. He had a little of down season at USC where everyone seemed to but he was a monster the two season prior. Before this season he was considered a top 5 pick and now he can be a top 5 pick in the 2nd round! He is going to be the STEAL of the draft to where ever he goes. Unlike some of these other one trick ponies, a defense can’t just take away his speed (where the corners will be faster on this level) or his physicality (where the corners will be stronger) they have to deal with the whole package. If the Browns can grab Lee here, something very real with Houston already having Andre Johnson and (last year’s 1st round pick) DeAndre Hopkins and Washington having Pierre Garcon and recently signing DeSean Jackson, they can come away with 3 Top-10 talents.

If the Browns decide to wait until later to grab a WR, Martavis Bryant (3rd round), Brandon Coleman and Jared Abbrederis (4th Round or later) are on my radar. Bryant is the best of the bunch. He has some issues but who doesn’t in the 3rd or later rounds. He’s came out and ran a quick combine time proving he does have the speed to accel (pun) on the next level. He’s another guy like Lee who to me can do it all, just not as high ceilinged or polished. He needs to work on his focus which will help his hands. Coleman is a 6’6″ Red Zone nightmare. I think this guy who carve out a nice niche for himself but I’m not sure if he fits our team needs where Jordan Cameron can already do what he can do, but better so far. Abbrederis is a guy who can just play. He’s a smart receiver who always seems to find a way to get open. He’s the type of player when you hear evaluators say…”He’s just a football player.” He always finds a way to get it done which the importance in the NFL can’t be stressed enough. Some of these rookies will come in always able to dominate based on this one attribute they’ve used a crutch all this time and once that crutch is taken away, it’s hard for them to continue to fight and find their way. Abbrederis is a guy who finds his way and will find any way to make some impact.

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