Mar 30, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown reacts during a game against the Indiana Pacers at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland won 90-76. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cavaliers Fire Mike Brown, Again


The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired Mike Brown, again. The Cavs took time to evaluate the job he did and decided it wasn’t good enough. The Cavs also hired David Griffin as the permanent, as permanent as any position in Cleveland is, General Manager. Those two moves are connected at some level. Griffin is of a different “tree” then Chris Grant and Brown. Dan Gilbert decided to keep Griffin which meant Brown was on his way out. The only thing that may have kept Brown around a year longer was the big contract he signed this year with the Cavs. Gilbert gave Griffin full range to exert his authority and bring in the coach he wants.

One of the biggest positives of the Cavs is that Gilbert isn’t afraid of spending money. Firing Brown is further proof of that. The instability that this shows of the Cavs organization could be a problem when it comes to free agency. The Cavs need to get this coaching hire done well or risk losing any credibility in the league. The Cavs need to find a coach that they can build a culture around. Mark Jackson, Mike D’Antoni and Alvin Gentry have already been mentioned as possible replacements. Mark Price is a fan favorite that has done a quality job with the Bobcats as an assistant.

The Cavs may chose to go in the opposite direction of Brown with D’Antoni or a similar direction with Jackson, who pushes defense first and has little creativity on offense. They could also look to hire a coach who is a good coach. Byron Scott focused on offense in spite of the defense and Brown was the opposite. Most successful coaches just coach both sides of the ball and compliment each other.

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What are your thoughts on the Brown firing?

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