May 9, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns first round draft pick Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) talks to the media at the Cleveland Browns Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Browns Draft 2014: Yes or No?


Today we are going to examine some pros and cons on the recent Browns Draft. I know I still have many questions of why, so let’s see what we know and you can take sides. Was it a good move or not?

Lets start at the beginning, with pick four. They knew of Gordon’s problems and yet passed on Watkins and Evans to trade down with the Bills. Mystified, why? But it seems in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, it’s mostly run heavy and one receiver and a tight end. We are not sure how long Gordon is gone for, so don’t panic let’s see what happens. They did get good value for the pick, a three pick return for one!

Next, and many were perplexed by this, they traded a fifth round pick to move up one spot to get Justin Gilbert? Another ruse from the Vikings to get an extra pick!? Well,  there was someone else looking to move up and take Gilbert, so to get their man, they had to do it! In for a penny in for a pound as my grandmother used to say.

Johnny Manziel (Football) was next and we needed a quarterback , it was a question of which one? All the smoke blowing around Berea it must have seemed like a fog bank blew in. Only time will tell what kind of pick this was?  We hope for the best.

Joel Bitonio was a needed pick up to square away the offensive line and help the run blocking. Without Gordon, Lord knows we need it ! The rest of the draft was based on need and they got some real good value for what they picked, the Pierre Desir pick was an excellent choice.

Personally the only other problem I had was with the final pick and the trading of that to the Ravens! They chose a wide receiver with it and even though they got a pick one round up next year, I hope this pick they got doesn’t come back to bite us!

Let me know your views and what you thought, no matter what GO Cleveland!!

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  • Rene Deschamps

    Why didn’t the Browns take Stevie Johnson instead of the 2015 fourth round from Buffalo? This would have saved alot of angst.

    • Letterman007

      You could be correct, but I think the Browns were staying stead fast to their draft board ! They do want to run the ball a lot more this year, evidently with Gordon gone for some period , they will have too! Johnson would have been a nice piece to add, but they have different ideas! With no previous record on the books, it’s hard to even guess what they will do?
      Just for the record Letterman007 and Ric is one and the same.

      • Jared Mueller

        And Johnson struggles with route running. He likes to break off and do his own thing. Not a Shanahan favorite.

  • Richard Ciesielski

    I have to say no. Don’t get me wrong, we did alright, but how we did it to me was a no go. With the 4th pick we should have stayed put. The Gilbert idea I’ve really thought about iand I hope he’s our missing link on the run block, but we struggled scoring last year. I would have liked it if we delt a trade for the Bills spot even if the trade ment swapping next years first round choice we would have and a lower round trade like ones we gave up anyway with our moves.I don’t like some of the attitude that I read between the lines about how Watkins might have been passsed up because of a pot problem he had in his past and yet it sounds like we’ll wait for Gorden? Even getting beyond that, not getting Evens if you really wanted Manziel doesn’t stike me as being and seeking an agressive “win now” mentality. To me any time you would consider a trade you have to think, if I trade this spot am I going to still make us better and I think we didn’t at four.Say in next years draft because of the trade, this fourth pick gets the Bills to finish 28th or something like that and we’re at like the tenth spot, thats not a risk I would have took as a GM. That being said, with both Evens and Watkins off the board I liked getting Gilbert, its a done thing and I do think they really want us better and made us better on D for it.
    With Manziel, I think we did right and I can see where moving up was right because those other teams would have liked him as a back up.In Bitonio and Desir Im happy but I really would have been a yes vote if we would have got that number four spot and traded a spot to get Gilbert in. I hope that Farmer has learned at least that if adjustments have to be made in the draft if its for winners fans will back him even if it costs us . The only catch is draft trades have to make us better before it makes other people better then we are.

    • Gary

      Well said. I agree with everything you said. But, I am still on the fence about Manziel. I just don’t think he is going to be the Browns savior. With his small size and how he handles himself in the pocket are going to be telltale signs of how he will do in the NFL. This isn’t college anymore. It’s going to be a rough ride for him.