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What the Cleveland Cavaliers really need!!

Some of my random thoughts on what the Cleveland Cavaliers team really needs:

First, they don’t need two more rookies from the draft to break into the NBA! They take time and patience, both things Dan Gilbert and the fans of this franchise don’t want. There seems to be an edict  of win now! Make the playoffs this year and create a path for this franchise to get better both offensively and defensively!!

The new GM, David Griffin, is a product of the Phoenix Suns organization and likes a quick flow on the offensive end. Shoot a lot of threes, and fast breaks as often as possible.  You still need some set offensive plays, and the defense needs to get better! They also need the right kind of coach to teach this to the players!

Each candidate they interview has some attributes of this kind of coaching, except maybe Lionel Hollins, who is a more conventional half court, set play type of coach. I don’t know who they will choose to be the new coach and they have been turned down by  most college coaches. But I wish them luck!

The biggest thing is the players in this organization and the fact that some will be gone as I think a trade or two, depending, will be done before the season starts! There is a necessity to bring in some pieces with experience and leadership onto this team. I’m not sure what happens to Kyrie Irving as rumors fly about his contract extension! Just don’t be surprised if this team looks a lot different personnel  wise by the start of the season.

Should they trade Kyrie or Dion Waiters or Tristan Thompson? Someone will be gone, what are your thoughts?

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