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Report: Varejao Talked to LeBron About Returning to Cavs

LeBron James and the Miami Heat are about to embark on a journey to try to 3 peat against a team that took them to 7 games last year. The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking at an off-season full of options, though they had to miss the playoffs to get some of these options. We already covered 2 different “perfect scenarios” for the Cavs off-season. This one included James returning to Cleveland, this one did not (Both of those will open in new windows). Now comes a report that Anderson Varejao stated on ESPN Brazil that he spoke to James about returning to Cleveland:

Interesting that he would bring that up at this point in time. One thing that might be certain is that Andy is a teammate that James loved and would be excited to play with in the future. That could keep Andy out of trade discussions as the Cavs try to be in the best spot to compete for a title, which most certainly would include James. Could Andy be trying to bait David Griffin into keeping him? Unlikely given the quality character that he has shown in his years in Cleveland.

Many will give a lot of opinion about the specific wording that Andy reportedly said LeBron said: “they will talk later about that.” Many will think that this means James is planning to return to the Cavs and will talk to Andy about his plan, much like he talked to Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade before making his trip down south. More then likely this was his way of blowing Andy off nicely. James turns off his Twitter and does very little else during playoff time, so he indeed really is focused on right now and will talk about it later with Andy.

Most likely that answer is, “Nah man, not yet. Not with that team, with no coach and a first time general manager. You could come down to Miami though if you get cut, I will get you a ring next year.” But like anything Cleveland can get excited. Whether you love James or hate him, the fact is that having on our team is much better for wins and loses then not having him on our team.

What do you think of Andy’s comments?

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