Johnny Manziel at NBA Finals in a Cavs Hat (Confirmation Picture)

The NBA Finals is an amazing series already with Game 2 a 1 point game with under 2 minutes left to go. Yet for Cleveland fans, especially those who hope LeBron James comes back, the story of the night is the Twitter report that Johnny Manziel showed up to the game in a Cleveland Cavaliers hat. So far I have yet to find a picture from the front, proving that the picture is Manziel. Will so many people putting the picture out it is most likely accurately Manziel. Take a look at this pic and see what you think:


With the relationship between Manziel and James it can be speculated that Manziel is recruiting James any chance he can. Manziel will be in Cleveland for at least 4 years so getting his boy James with him fits his persona.

No matter what this was a smart marketing move by Manziel and his people. Embrace the other Cleveland teams in public, no matter where you are. As a quarterback he has to want to be able to bring in as many players as possible. Being so public of his support of all things Cleveland lets players know that Manziel is in it for the long haul.

Either way a fun little story as the Cleveland faithful hope and wish for their future to look better then their past.

(Update: I received this picture just after publishing the post, of Manziel from the front in the hat)

Front Manziel Pic

What do you think of Manziel wearing a Cavs hat to the Finals?

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