Jun 4, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and other team rookies react while they are introduced before a game between the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel Gets Stalked, Jumped On By Girl in Pool (Video)

Life for Johnny Manziel looks significantly different then most of our lives. When you and I go to the pool we might get jumped on but it is our buddy trying to dunk us or someone not paying attention off the diving board. When you are Johnny Football instead it is a young girl trying to get your attention while fully clothed, even after you push her off. (Be aware this is a TMZ video so language doesn’t get edited.)

These are the type of issues that could cause issues and distractions for Manziel moving forward. How many girls will say he did something stupid just to get their name out there? Could he get frustrated and accidentally hurt someone due to the crowds around him. Does he ever get frustrated by the Paparazzi for getting into his business?

Do these type of things worry you? Do your experiences match up with his?

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  • Richard Ciesielski

    I guess if the media doesn’t get their fix of worth while Johnny news this is the crud they’ll put out in the media, talk about lame. Can’t wait to find out when he catches a cold ( NOT). Have they even signed him? I bet Haslam isn’t to keen on his future QB having baseballs hit and thrown at him.

    • Jared Mueller

      This one is interesting to me only because of the off field issues that could come from being attacked like this and have all the attention on you. Also I’ve never had girls chasing me into a pool while they are fully dressed so found it a bit interesting. But like you don’t love the media coverage so far.

      • Richard Ciesielski

        If anything I find it disheartening. I could find humor in this if he was just a regular Joe Shmo but he’s not. Youth is one thing, maladjustment is another, Cleveland doesn’t need a Gordon ll , Cleveland needs a man with as much tenacity as its coaches when it comes to football. So far from what I’ve seen its making all the more sense why they want Hoyer to start. Personally I would “get it” that I’m about to be made a millionaire and not play the fool. I would figure out I could be young and foolish after I won all the pro games I could while people were still high on me and have even more boatloads of money for it. It works out better than to have my life played out before people who will only go off what they see and might not think so highly of me for it, and in doing so pay me less. Even old men have fun, but he’s not acting smart, and talent isn’t only judged on the field, if it was Gordon would be a nonissue. If I’m Haslam and Pettine I’d be telling him point blank about a few things he’s going to have to give up on, baseball. For that matter any NFL team owner paying people that much money should have clauses in contracts relieving them of financial responsibilies from things that might cause injury to the players they employ. I’d be like “your choice.. If not, Brians ready, and waiting.” Really, I hope thats what they are telling him, I really don’t think it sunk in to deep that he got passed up 21 times for a reason in the draft. Not with the way he’s acting.