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Manziel Coverage Impact the Browns, Manziel?

The Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel and with that they drafted the type of media coverage that comes along with Johnny Football. Manziel Coverage is difficult for a number of reasons not limited to the fact that he is not the team’s starter, and if Mike Pettine has it his way won’t be. Manziel’s personal life is going to be interesting as he will be photographed every second in public, has access to a ton of celebrities and their events and doesn’t seem want to avoid attention.

For the Browns they are run by two football guys who are hard nosed, football first guys in Pettine and Ray Farmer. The team is built around an offensive line, running game and defense. While today’s NFL is quarterback centric, Pettine and Farmer don’t plan to have their team dominated by the QB this up coming year. Whether its current starter Brian Hoyer, or Manziel, the hierarchy doesn’t plan on them carrying the team this season.

So will the coverage of Manziel impact the Browns and/or Manziel? There are simple answers to both of those questions, yet like Manziel they are layered simple answers. For Manziel the coverage will continue to uncover any of his faults, including the picture of him on the inflated Swan drinking alcohol. He doesn’t seem to care how he is viewed and will continue to live his life the way he wants to. The biggest concern for Manziel’s coverage is him being caught doing something questionable and getting in trouble with the team or the league. Having that many people around can also raise agitation levels where Manziel will have to keep his cool and not push someone away while leaving the club.

The coverage for the Browns can be huge, either positive or negative. The Browns have issues with their owner that could become a huge issue in the near future. With all the attention given to Manziel, the Jimmy Haslam legal situation would be higher on the Sportscenter roll call. If Manziel doesn’t win the job and the Browns struggle the pressure and questions from the media can already be written. “Why not start Johnny?” “Do you think Manziel can give you a spark?” Does first year head coach Pettine have the ability to not bristle under that line of questioning? Would Haslam push for Manziel to start even if the football guys don’t believe that will be in his best interest?

How do you think the media coverage will impact either the Browns or Manziel? How has it impacted how you see Manziel?

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