Mar 23, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) shoots the ball over Cleveland Cavaliers forward Luol Deng (9) during the first quarter at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Cavs be Interested in Carmelo Anthony?

Before we start on this article it is important for me to share my personal thoughts on Carmelo Anthony that could shade the rest of the article. I think Anthony is a very talented player. He is amazing actually. He can score, he can rebound and he can dominate a game. Saying all that, I would personally never want to sign him to a big money deal for the Cleveland Cavaliers, or almost any other team. He dominates the ball. He likes to hold it, which allows the defense to just wait for him and shift their attention his way and plays little defense. I hope Kyrie Irving doesn’t become a guard version of Melo, besides him leaving in a few years that is my worst Irving nightmare. Now that is out of the way on to the question: Should the Cavs be interested in Carmelo Anthony?

Yes. The Cavs need talent and a player like Anthony would give them not only a star but someone who can take the pressure off the rest of the team. Anthony is a dynamic and dominate scorer from the wing. The Cavaliers have no small forward and very little scoring from the power forward position that he can slide down to. Planning to sign Anthony could lead to drafting Joel Embiid, but Andrew Wiggins could also fit. Wiggins and Embiid are the type of defenders that would be needed to surround the 3 scorers of Irving, Dion Waiters and Anthony. Embiid could anchor the paint while Wiggins can lock down the opponents best wing player allowing Anthony to guard a lesser player.

Some of the personal concerns listed in the first paragraph are also able to be changed. Anthony could develop with more talented players on his team. As he ages he could see a chance to develop other skills as his athletic ability will fade, sometimes very quickly (Isn’t that right Dwayne Wade?). Anthony could also take on a mentor type role with the young Cavs and help bring out the aggressive nature that some of them need. He will never be Kobe Bryant but Anthony is passionate, especially on offense, about basketball. The Cavs could benefit from his learning curve.

Obviously the draft is before free agency so the Cavs can’t plan their draft around Anthony or any free agent, yet Embiid and Wiggins seem to be the top options no matter. What is interesting with the draft is that a younger version of Anthony may be available in Jabari Parker. Parker is a player that can score in droves, has a similar body type and struggles with similar things that Anthony does. Parker is younger and much more malleable then the veteran Anthony. He is also much more available to Cleveland as Anthony would have to choose to come to Ohio. There may be 1 reason he would do so though…

This morning on ESPN Stephen A. Smith stated the following

If Carmelo Anthony has a opportunity to play with LeBron James he is taking it. You can bet the house on it. He has to make his money…

So could the Cavaliers get creative, trading some of their younger contracts and expirings to get in position for both Anthony and James? It is very possible. While players love to go to big cities and or to warmer climates getting to join James along with whoever the Cavs take #1, Irving and whoever else is left which should include some youth, could be good enough reasons to come to Cleveland. Adding James at the 3, Anthony at the 4 and Embiid at the 5 while moving Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters would lead the Cavs looking to add a shooting guard in the 2nd round or through free agency. Ray Allen could decide to come up north with James.

Do you think the Cavs should be interested in Anthony with or without James? Would you sign him to a max deal to join the Cavs?

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  • Jarod Cook

    The main reason Melo is a ball hog is, that he has never had any other good players around him. Be it in Denver or NY. At least NY has tried to get him some help, but they’ve been burdened by the salary cap his whole time there. I agree his defense could use a little work, but when he has to exert so much energy on the offensive end play close to 40 min a game, he’s got to get a rest some where. I also agree with your assessment of Irving becoming a guard version of Melo, which I hope doesn’t come to pass.
    To answer some of your questions, I’d sign him to a max deal if he was willing to come to Cleveland. Even if they couldn’t get LeBron. He can play the same role he does at NY sliding between the 3/4 slots through out the game. And help to develop whoever they take at #1, who I personal think they should draft Wiggins with the pick. And having someone like Melo to mentor you through the first few years would pay dividends in the long run.
    But back to reality what are the chances he comes to Cleveland. I’d say slime to none, same with LeBron. If anything Melo opts out, and heads down to Miami and joins LeBron there. Even with the rapidly aging Wade, and the at times none existent Bosh. Miami has a owner and a track record of doing what it needs to do to keep winning Championships. And they’d some how figure out a way to make the whole thing work out.

  • Leroy Kelly

    Carmelo Anthony would agree to work and live in Cleveland. What color is the sky in your world, Mueller?

    • Jared Mueller

      Well I love Cleveland but normally that sky is a little grey. It is why I worded the title the way I did. I wonder if the Cavs should be interested, we kinda have a good idea that Melo wouldn’t be but as Kevin Garnett said “Anythings POSSIBLE!!!” :)