Sep 9, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Macey Smithberger throws a football in the parking lot before a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland sports: The only life for me

Being a sports fan isn’t easy, and in a way, it shouldn’t be.

Unless your a fan of the Yankees or Patriots, many fans never will know the luxury of basking in the spoils left by our favorite teams.

I’m a Cleveland fan. I grew up that way and I’ll die that way. It doesn’t matter if the Browns, Indians or Cavs ever win a title. I’ll be there to watch every out, down, whistle and turnover.

Sports are fun. It’s why many of us begin playing as kids. It’s why we continue to play in adult softball leagues. It’s also why we follow our favorite teams and players, and shell out lots of cash for out-of-market sports packages.

Cleveland sports has been a “Factory of Sadness” for some time, but I’ll never stop rooting. Everyone knows the last team to end its season with a win were those 1964 Browns. That was 18 years before I was born.

That’s one brutal drought. The word “frustrated” shouldn’t be in a Cleveland fans vocabulary, because using it as an adjective doesn’t do us justice.

The national media likes to remind of us “”The Drive,” “The Fumble,” “The Move,” “The Blown Save,” “The Decision,” yet we persist. We still go to games, we still buy tickets. Our passion never wavers.

Sports are THE great distraction. The losing builds bonds and fosters a comraderie among fellow fans. When I see a guy walking down the street in a Browns shirt, there’s almost always always an exchange.

The losing brings frustration, but we’re in it together. Tomorrow, we’ll get ready for the next game, the next draft, or talk about the trade that might happen, or the free agent we might land.

For all the sadness, there’s always the belief that Cleveland will turn it around, and who knows? It might just be this season. .

I look forward to bringing you the latest on all things Cleveland sports. After spending the previous four years covering teams in southwest Ohio, I’m looking forward to writing about the team’s I’m really passionate about. It’s probably going to be a bumpy ride, but let’s take it all in stride. Tweet me @DukeofNick to converse on all things Cleveland.

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