Jun 12, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) during minicamp at Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What Was Wrong with Brady Quinn’s Advice for Johnny Manziel?

Brady Quinn and Johnny Manziel got similar starts to their NFL careers. Both were highly-touted college quarterbacks who slipped in the draft, only to be snagged with the 22nd pick by the Cleveland Browns.

Quinn was chewed up by Cleveland’s quarterback graveyard  and has been relegated to a back-up journeyman ever since. Meanwhile, Manziel is supposed to be the next savior, as the eyes of the NFL look to lakefront to see if Johnny Football lives up to the hype.

The two quarterback’s worlds collided when Quinn ripped Manziel in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio for his partying ways, which included this recent Instagram video.

Why anyone cares enough to find out Brady Quinn thinks about anything, let alone the Browns’ quarterback situation is perplexing enough. But where is it written you can’t engage in the type of behavior Manziel’s been a part of to be a good quarterback?

Is constant studying and preparation supposed to make Manziel an elite player? If that were the case, Quinn would be starter in the league, not fighting for a roster spot.

The former Notre Dame star’s pedigree was off the charts when he entered the league. He played in a pro-style offense and was a gym rat.

It’s be ridiculous to suggest studying and preparation doesn’t help. Peyton Manning probably has a doctorate in play calling, while Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are on an accelerated master’s program.

Maybe Manziel is studying and putting in the work.  Remember that jab he took at everyone after his Memorial Day Vegas jaunt. The picture of Manziel’s playbook wasn’t worth a thousands words. It didn’t need to be. It shouted “I’m ready to work.” A declaration not good enough for many.

There is the fact that”fun” quarterback’s have won in the past. Joe Namath did it in the city that doesn’t sleep. Jim McMahon only showed up to his first public function as member of the Bears with a beer in hand.

Manziel’s only real problem is that he’s a young celebrity in a Twitter world. How does a 15-second video, or a photo atop an inflatable swan diminish his preparation for the upcoming season?

It doesn’t. And it shouldn’t.

Right now Manziel’s a 21-year-old kid who just signed his first pro contract. If he were 31 and displaying this type of behavior, there’d be some major cause for concern.


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  • William Scott Eltzroth

    Enough already, leave the kid alone. Let him live his life and learn from his mistakes. Brady Quinn is the last person who should be giving lectures on how to act as a N.F.L. Q.B. Quinn never should have been drafted in the first round to begin with he was a 4th round talent at Notre Dame. After Quinn was drafted by Cleveland he recorded a commerical while riding a float down some street like he was a football God or something.
    If I recall correctly, didnt he get called out for calling guy`s fag`s? Just before he got cut, he got hit in his eye by a Browns defensive lineman while lifting weights. The next day they cut the defensive lineman after Brady cried his good eye out about getting beat up. He was a muscle bound inaccurate, overated jerk and a major waste and set back for the Browns. He will be best off just keeping his over bearing, cant cash checks his mouth writes out never was pussy. GO BROWNS…Manziel and Hoyer will be a great starter and backup starter that any team could possibly have….

  • Joe

    Brady Quinn ran for his life on a Notre Dame team that played one overwhelming opponent after another.
    He was ready for the NFL.
    He should have started from day one.
    Instead, QB controversies, shaved heads, fights with an out-of-control lineman later, he was let go.
    Interceptions infuriated Brady’s detractors when Brady did play.
    Ignorant announcers stated, “Quinn threw that pass behind the receiver!”
    The passes were behind the WR, exactly like they were supposed to be thrown.
    Exactly like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers throw them.
    Browns’ WR’s not only didn’t turn, not only didn’t run back, not only didn’t fight to at least break up the interception, Browns WR’s watched the CB’s make the play and return.
    Brady Quinn’s dreams were destroyed by an out-of-control receiving corps, an out-of-control locker room, and an out-of-control franchise.
    His comments on Johnny Manziel were meant to help; Brady is a bit abrasive & opinionated.
    He was and is a good guy, however, who doesn’t blame others for his misery unlike most of the uninformed, unhappy, unlucky Internet experts who live their lives on the Web, and blame athletes, braver and more industrious than their detractors know possible, for their self-inflicted misery.