Apr 16, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Utah Jazz center Derrick Favors (15) dribbles in the first quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng (5) at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumor: Cavs Talking to Jazz About Draft Deal

Today has been a news/rumor day for the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is what happens when you might finally hire a coach and the person you most likely were going to take at #1 has to have surgery. Rumors will fly now, and hopefully the Cavs can take advantage of them, regarding the Cavs and the #1 pick. Already we have heard rumors that the 76ers want to move up to #1 and could move pieces to do so, will post that article tomorrow with at least 2 trade ideas to get the 76ers Wiggins. This rumor is fresh off the Twitter wire:

An interesting possibility here for the Cavs as the Jazz have a need for a wing, either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins won’t be there at #5. Throughout the season rumor was the Jazz would pick Parker no matter what if he was available so it would seem this trade would be to get them in position over the Bucks for Parker.

For the Cavs adding the lost post threat in Derrick Favors would help their win now mode as well as given them the #5 pick to do as they please. They could decide to take Joel Embiid here, if he falls all the way to 5, which is highly likely at this point. They could also try to supplement Favors with a wing player, though none actually jumps out as worth the #5 pick. The Jazz and Cavs could wait till free agency with the Cavs trying to acquire Gordon Hayward as well in the deal, through a Sign and Trade. A perfect 3 for 1 for the Cavs.

This trade could be the perfect now and later trade for the Cavs as they add a front line player with touch, strength and some rim protection while getting to nurse Embiid along slowly. The Cavs seemed to have fallen smitten with Embiid during this process and this surgery has to have hurt them collectivly. Getting him still while adding Favors, and possibly more from a Jazz team that has some young depth, could give them everything they wanted.

Favors averaged 13.3 points and 8.7 rebounds last year for the Jazz. He blocked a shot and a half as well. He shot just above 52% from the field with a 67% free throw shooting. He isn’t a game changer, as the Jazz hoped in the Deron Williams trade but could provide a lift to a Cavs team that needs a little strength inside. Long term a pair of Favors and Embiid on the inside could be dominate.

Any belief in this rumor? Any interest if the Cavs still get Embiid? or is Embiid off your board?

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  • Jarod Cook

    I like Favors, and think he’s a great front court presence and a good 2 way player. In addition he’s signed to a long term deal that goes threw 2017-18. His biggest down side is his lake of being able to step away from the basket and make shots. Inside of 3 feet he’s a .500+ shooter, outside of that it drops drastically to under .250. IMO Favors and #5 is a little weak for the #1 pick. They’d need to add something else to the deal maybe future picks, or an additional player.
    As for the #5 pick I agree with you on the fact they still might get a chance at Embiid. But they should have some other players in mind. If they’re looking for front court presence, they can get a high upside guy like Vonleh. Or Randell who projects to be a lot like Favors. Another option is to add another Guard and take Exum or Smart, and trade Waiters.

  • Joe

    Smoke screen to get Milwaukee to move up one?
    Maybe the Cavs could get the Bucks to give up Larry Sanders’ contract + # 2.
    Either Wiggins or Parker at 2 would be fine with me.

    • Jarod Cook

      I’d have to question if Sanders is worth the contract extension he signed. He suffers from multiple injuries every year which cause him to miss games. And when he does play it seems like he’s always in foul trouble, and has to go sit on the bench for a while. And don’t want to get started on all his off the court issues he’s had.
      I’ll admit when he’s healthy and not in foul trouble, he’s a force in the post. Defensively he’s one of the best in the league for his position. On the other hand his offensive game is similar to that of Favors. Inside dunking range can’t be stopped, but once he gets farther from 3 feet from the basket he’s skills diminish drastically.
      I don’t really see the Bucks giving up Sanders + #2 for the #1 pick. But if the deal was offered the Cavs would be stupid not to take it. With the #2 pick they could look to draft Embiid, and when he comes back from his injuries Sanders can help him develop.

      • Jared Mueller

        It was just reported that Sanders is going into a rehab facility… Not likely traded at this point.

  • wildrover4

    Favors is BPA at No. 1 if he’s in this draft. Utah is only overpaying because Parker is a Mormon. If the Cavs don’t take advantage, they are really foolish.

    • Jared Mueller

      Most think otherwise. I really like Favors, not sure he is a game changer. Development has kinda stalled. If we draft Parker and they draft Embiid I will expect a trade when FA starts and we can get Hayward in the deal as well.

      • wildrover4

        Hayward is a RFA who can only be traded to the team he signs an offer sheet with. Draft is the 26th and FA starts on July 1st.

      • wildrover4

        Favors would have been a senior this year at GT. Who do you think would have been more dominant than him coming out of this draft?

        • Jarod Cook

          Favors does fit the win now mentality of the front office. Has 4 years in the league, a proven starter, and no real medical issues. Then with the #5 pick they could grab another front court presences in Vonleh or Randell, both who could be helped to develop with his mentor ship. Or they could look to draft Embiid who seems to be in free fall, do to his medical issues. But I’d rather take a player who can step in and play now, then take Embiid and hope his medical issues clear up. And when it comes to big man, most the time they never clear up.