Report: Cavaliers to Hire David Blatt

We reported earlier that the Cleveland Cavaliers were choosing between Tyronn Lue and David Blatt to be the next Head Coach of the team. It now seems that Blatt is the choice, barring any other decision by owner Dan Gilbert.

Amico has been on the ball his off-season and other sources are also reporting similar thoughts about Blatt. He has experience running professional teams internationally, including some at the highest level. Lue on the other hand has none of that experience but has been involved with the NBA for over a decade, including an assistant coach under Doc Rivers.

For the Cavs, will give the team a direction, he has a system and has garnered respect from players who have played for him. It will be important for him to surround himself with assistants that know the NBA and have been around for awhile. That will also be true in the scouting department.

It is possible that fan favorite Mark Price could come along as as top level assistant for Blatt, a step up from his role with the Hornets. A few younger coaches could also be intrigued by coaching under Blatt as a stepping stone to their own coaching career.

Blatt could still turn down the Cavs and accept the assistant position with the Golden State Warriors, as he may have been advised to do, but his reported dream was to coach in the NBA and turning down a job wouldn’t be an ideal way of getting into the league.

Sometime tonight the Cavs will move on with their head coach. Today also may have taken Joel Embiid out of their cross hairs on draft night. Things are coming into focus but we will have to wait until the season begins to know if that focus is a good one.

Happy with Blatt?

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