Cleveland Cavaliers Hire David Blatt at Next Head Coach

As we reported last night was probable has now become fact: The Cleveland Cavaliers have hired David Blatt as their next head coach.

So we have it confirmed by his agency. Woj loves him. Zach Lowe likes him and notes him as a task master. All and all most of the opinions of his hiring have been very positive. Chris Broussard believes the Cavs should of waited to talk to LeBron James before hiring a coach but a team needs to have their system in place. Sam Amico even noted as much this morning:

That is a great thing for the team. Do not let your players run your organization. Have faith in your people making solid decisions for your organization. The Cavs needed a coach who could coach not one who was friends of LeBron. If he was both all the better. Yet the Cavaliers know they don’t know what James is thinking and will need to move forward hoping to bring in a player of his magnitude but have a plan in place to run with regularly.

Blatt runs a Princeton type offense, with ball and player movement vital. This matches up with the Spurs offensive model that won the Championship. That he is a task master will be interesting as he looks to break down Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and the rest of the young Cavs and make them competitive.

Here is a quick video of Blatt that shoes his competitive streak:

That may not work in the NBA but it shows a coach who is willing to make the hard choices. Players that have played for him swear by him. Anthony Parker and Vinny Del Negro are already noted as possible assistants under him as well as the possibility of bringing in Tyronn Lue or Mark Price into a higher position then they currently have.

What are your thoughts on Blatt?

Here are my quick personal thoughts:

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