Nov 12, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) dunks over Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) during the second half at United Center. The Kansas Jayhawks defeated the Duke Blue Devils 94-83. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins Takes Lead for #1? Parker too Heavy?

The NBA Draft is Thursday!

With that said we still have no idea the direction the Cleveland Cavaliers could go with the pick. Joel Embiid is on the outside looking in but wouldn’t be a shocking pick, lets say 10% chance. It looks like Andrew Wiggins has taken the lead for the #1 pick due to his stellar workout and Jabari Parker‘s weight, according to Sam Amico:

1. From the sounds of things, Jabari Parker did himself no favors during his workout with the Cavs on Friday. The forward from Duke wasn’t bad, he just didn’t look as good as Andrew Wiggins, sources said.

2. One source said Wiggins’ individual workout was “easily” better — that Wiggins shot better, moved better and handled the ball better than he ever did at Kansas. A week ago, Parker seemed to have the edge when it came to Cavs and their No. 1 overall pick. Now, it’s as big of a mystery as ever.

So if Embiid is a 10% chance lets give Wiggins a 50% and Parker a 40% chance. As noted yesterday, I expected Wiggins to be the pick for a number of reasons. You can check out that article here, if none of the trades in the article take place the Cavs would happily hold on to Wiggins. Justin, over at Fear the Sword, also did a great article focused on why Wiggins should be the pick for the Cavs. (Warning: Justin is Canadian but that bias has not clouded his judgement one bit. He was TeamEmbiid before the foot injury.)

Some say that Parker is more NBA ready at this moment but Wiggins defense is also NBA ready at this moment. He may get over powered by some bigger SFs but can stay with all of them with his foot speed and wing span. He can guard point guards, shooting guards, small forwards and some small ball power forwards. This would allow Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving to focus on less talented offensive players on the other team. Wiggins offensive game is still developing but he excels in the open court, made possible often by his defense, has good form on his jump shot and has worked on his ball handling. Paired with an offensive power forward, Anthony Bennett or another, and a two way center, Tyson Chandler via trade or Anderson Varejao, and the Cavs could have a solid balanced team.

The Cavs will be highly active this off-season. It is possible that no player outside of Irving and whoever they draft on Thursday would be off limits. David Griffin seems to love Embiid so anything is possible, including trading down or trading back in to take Embiid. The Cavs could also package a bunch of assets, not including #1, for Kevin Love and could be aggressive on the free agent market at Amico also reported:

5. Word is out that the Cavs are more than willing to sign two players to maximum contracts (along with Kyrie Irving) when free agency hits in July. Unlike a lot of teams, they will have the ability to do so under the salary cap. So the idea is to spend big for the right guys and win now.

An exciting, nervous week is ahead of us Cavs fans. Can the Cavs remake the roster into a competitor with all the assets and luck they have acquired? Anything is possible, and it looks like they will attempt just that.

What do you think of the Wiggins/Parker discussion?

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