Dec 13, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (2) and shooting guard Dion Waiters (3) against the Orlando Magic during the first quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumor: Dion Waiters Expects Trade, Top 10 Pick?

As we expect the NBA Rumor Mill will continue to churn out rumor after rumor about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Partially due to all their assets and partially due to their desire to make some moves the Cavs will keep us busy over the next few days. The latest rumor is that Dion Waiters could be traded for a Top 10 pick:

So the Cavs could add talent with the #1 pick as well as have another pick in the Top 10. Or they could make a move with the top pick and have 3 picks in the Top 10 or 12. Getting a Top 10 pick in this draft could be a stellar get, even though Waiters could tear it up with another team. Sam Amico has done a stellar job covering the Cavs in the past year and is hearing that Waiters himself expects to be traded, if Kyrie Irving is not:

That Waiters could be traded is not surprising. His fit with Irving has always seemed troublesome at best. Yet the idea that he is expecting to be traded means he sees the writing on the wall or could of possibly gotten some type of indication from David Griffin. Waiters is a player that many Cavs fans would love to keep, he could star but Irving would most likely keep that from happening as the two do not seem to fit.

Whether you like Waiters or not, how do you feel about these latest rumors?

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  • Jarod Cook

    If it came to keeping Irving or Waiters, I’d rather keep Waiters. I don’t think anyone could get these 2 to play together. They are similar offensively, but I fell Waiters is the better outside shooter. The big deference is on the defensive side of the ball, Waiters is a way better player on that side of the ball. But it’s not to hard to be better then Irving, who doesn’t even try on defense. A good partner would be the 76ers. Possibly getting MCW+#3+#10 would be a good haul.

    • wildrover4


    • Mike

      I 100% agree. I would trade Kyrie for a top 3 pick right now and replace him with Exum. I believe Waiters is much better defensively and at assisting. We have jack and we won’t need to pay Kyrie max money for lackluster D and off an on O. We could pick up some good MLE players.

    • Jared Mueller

      I wrote about that possible trade last season and got roasted. Instead of MCW I had Turner in there but not any more. MCW slides it at point get Embiid at 3, a shooter or PF at 10 and Wiggins at 1. Starting 5 of MCW, Waiters, Wiggins, Varejao and Embiid. With a bench of whoever at #10 and the rest of our youth.

      • Letterman007

        It sounds really good to me but do you really think the Sixers would pull the trigger? How did we end up with picks 1-3 and10?

        • Jared Mueller

          Only by trading Kyrie.

          • Letterman007

            I highly doubt they would give up their 3 and 10 for Irving!! We might be getting LBJ back if his wife has her way?

          • Jared Mueller

            They would easily give up 3 and 10 and most likely MCW easily. We may have to add a lower level player like Zeller or Andy but easily. We would get a ton from anyone in the league for Irving. Sixers are just the easiest one to hone in on with their current picks. They might trade 3, 10 and Young for #1. Then trade MCW for #7 or 8. Lots of moving parts. Just did a long write up on all of them here:

  • The Joker

    Cleveland please don’t trade waiters or Irving and please don’t trade the 1# pick just draft Wiggins, we only need one player that will be a superstar and thats Wiggins, the cavs already have a good team they’re just one or two players away from making the playoffs

    • wildrover4

      I’m tired of Kyrie’s attitude and the fact that we can’t move him to SG (which is his natural position) because he won’t allow Dion to play the point without throwing a fit. Trade that Diva to Philly for MCW, No.3, and No. 10. Take Wiggins, Embiid, and get an upgrade at PF. Let Blatt coach a young roster and show them how the game is played.