Apr 16, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Utah Jazz center Derrick Favors (15) dribbles in the first quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng (5) at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumor: Jazz Offer Huge Quantity for #1

The NBA Rumor mill is in full effect. The oft discussed trade with the Utah Jazz is back on in discussions. This time it involves the Cleveland Cavaliers bring back several pieces. Lets take a look at what we know so far, which isn’t clear:

So the Cavs would get Derrick Favors, get rid of Jarrett Jack in trading spots from 1 to 5. They wanted an unprotected pick too which means they are driving a hard bargain, as they should.

Or instead of the unprotected pick or #23 they added Alec Burks a sweet shooting shooting guard.

But maybe they don’t feel real great about adding Burks, meaning they are also trying to drive a hard bargain. Or maybe the Cavs expect to get all of the above:

So Sam Amico says it is a little off but could the Cavs realistically trade #1 and Jack for a starting level power forward/center in Favors, a starting level shooting guard in Burks, the #5 pick where they could add Joel Embiid or Noah Vonleh, a perfect fit next to Favors as well as the 23rd pick in a deep, deep draft.

This would be the prototypical quantity, with some quality, trade. The #1 pick is worth a ton this year and if the Cavs aren’t sold on Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker this deal may add a ton of depth and some high level players to their team.

How about this rumor: Any interest?

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  • Mike

    Still would NOT make this trade!!! No player mentioned has the potential of Wiggins or Parker. I’m not sure they even have the potential of the next 2-3 picks after that. Certainly not the potential of a healthy Embid. Exum as well. The league is all about impact players. Start lumping long term stars together.

    • Joe

      Burks is intriguing, and Favors is good.
      Neither is the Duncan-Parker-Ginobli-James-Wade-Bosh-Howard-Harden-type of impact player.
      The Cavs don’t really need good players at this point.
      Zeller is on the verge of becoming a good player, Waiters is already good, Bennett will be good in a year or sooner, Jack, despite his detractors, is a good player, Varajao is still very good, Tristan is good, CJ Miles can be good if used right, and Hawes, who might be retained, is good.
      Six good players and three superstars and you are a contender.
      The Cavs have eight good (or close to it) players.

      The Cavs have one superstar, Kyrie.
      Now, and in the future, the Cavs need impact players and Favors and Burks are not that, and neither is the 5th pick in the draft if it is Vonleh.
      If Waiters develops, and Bennett develops, maybe we’ll get there, but I’d like Wiggins.

  • Tom Regan

    Favors is still only 22 and would be a borderline all-star in the east. That is a huge haul for the Cavs.

  • Jarod Cook

    Favors+Burks+#5+#23 for #1+Jack is a great deal. The Cavs get 2 starting quality players and 2 picks in a deep draft, although #5 and an unprotected future pick would be better. Favors would be an All Star in the weak Eastern Conference. And Burks could be a quality 2 Guard, or have him try to start at the 3 spot. They’ed have a couple options at #5 and #23 depending on who’s available. The best thing is they get red of over payed Jack and more pieces for the future.