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NBA Draft: Chad Ford's Latest on Cavaliers

The NBA Draft is Thursday!

Today is Thursday!

The NBA Draft is Today!

Chad Ford was on Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN Radio. They went over a number of issues related to the draft but one in particular stuck out related to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ford stated that if the Cavs draft Jabari Parker #1 he expects that to signal a trade with the Orlando Magic or Utah Jazz. If the Cavs draft Andrew Wiggins #1 he expects Wiggins to stay with the Cavs unless the Philadelphia 76ers make an offer the Cavs can’t refuse.

Reading into that means that the Cavs have decided on Wiggins at “their” pick but are still as likely to move the selection as they are to keep Wiggins. At minimum this is good news for the Cavs fans that believe Wiggins is by far the best prospect and fit for the team. Obviously trading him, or drafting and trading Parker, would not give the Cavs the chance to use Wiggins but they still hold all the cards. They either get a sweetheart of a deal or they get Wiggins.

Just now Ford also updated some thoughts on the Cavs pick via Twitter:

Talk about holding all the cards. The Magic deal may only interest the Cavs if they can also move 4 and 12? So instead of a shot at 1 of the 3 prime prospects, I’m including the injured Joel Embiid, the Cavs don’t get any and move out of a deep, deep draft instead? Or…

They get the 76ers to really up their offer in a way that allows the Cavs to get a player they like in either Embiid or Dante Exum as well as the whale of a deal. The Sixers seem to be all in on Wiggins and realize there is no way now that he will fall to them at #3. The next best fit is Parker and he will not be there at 3. Drafting Exum means they move the reigning Rookie of the Year and may not get equal value. Drafting Embiid means their development is pushed back almost 2 years, and a possible bad fit with Nerlens Noel.

While the Cavs might not make the right decision in many fans eyes, it is really nice to be in control of the draft.

What do you think happens tonight?

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