Apr 2, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown talks with guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) during the third quarter against the Charlotte Bobcats at the Wells Fargo Center. The Bobcats defeated the Sixers 123-93. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumor: The Sixers Offer that Could Get #1

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. It now looks like they are down to Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker or trading the pick. The Orlando Magic look to be out and now only the Sixers and Celtics are in play for the pick tho the Utah Jazz shouldn’t be counted out. The trade that it looks like could go down, based on the latest NBA Rumor, between the Cavs and the Sixers reportedly involves alot of picks:

So it looks like as of now it is the Sixers that are not interested in that big of a deal. The 32nd pick is like a first round pick in this draft. Some reports are that teams are looking to draft players they can stash overseas late in the 1st round to keep their cap space open. That could leave the Cavs with tons of options.

Yet they would be trading out of the #1 pick and a chance at Wiggins and Parker who could be game changing. Yet the resources they would receive could help the acquire veteran help, including trading for Kevin Love. Who knows what the Cavs could receive for those picks and the motivation for making that deal.

Do they not like Wiggins? Not like Parker? Love Joel Embiid? Think their roster is deplete of talent? It will take strong motivation to get out of such a huge pick.

Is that enough for you to make the move?

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  • Joe

    Anybody outside of the first 5 picks or so is a 3-year project.
    The Cavalier fan base will be irretrievably eroded by then.
    Draft Wiggins.
    Develop Bennett, Karasev.
    Further develop Waiters, Zeller.
    Fine tune Irving, Thompson.
    Add a free agent or two.

    • Jarod Cook

      Every rookie is a 3 year project in the NBA, because they’re not ready after only 1 year in collage. I don’t think the fan base is going to be as bad off as you think, if they don’t make the playoffs this year. They’ve got a lot going against them right now, a new coaching staff, with a lot of young developing talent. Fans know the team should be better, but if this new regime shows the effort and patience in 2-3 years they’ll challenge for championships.

      The last 2 regimes didn’t do anything to really develop the talent they have, and weren’t really good teachers to begin with. Also they keep being pressured by Gilbert to win now, and where forced to sign horrible FA’s to bad contracts. I’m hoping Gilbert finally realized he’s as much to blame as anyone, and takes a back seat while Blatt and Griffin right this ship for brighter tomorrows.

      On a side note If Lebron comes back it will drastically reshape the plans and time table going forward. But they need to plan and draft like he’s not coming back. Do what’s best for the team, not what they think Lebron will like.

  • Jarod Cook

    Here’s a better option trade Irving+Jack to the 76ers, get what they’re offering for the #1 pick. Gets read of 2 bad apples from the previous regimes, and clears cap space for FA. They’d most likely add in MCW which they could use for trade bait or keep him sense he’s on rookie deal. Might have to give up some one other then Jack, most likely Zeller or Andy.

    Here’s how the draft would play out IMO.

    #1 Wiggins-In most peoples eyes he’s the most talented and has the highest ceiling. Has great athleticism and can guard the 1-4 spots. Needs to develop a little more offensively, but has the skills and drive to do so. Showed in his workout that he should be the #1 pick

    #3 Embiid-The Cavs loved him going into the draft before his injuries. He will not have to be rushed back from his injury, sense the Cavs will still have most of there young talent to help.

    #10 Shabazz Napier-Before you blast me let me defend myself. Lebron has come out and said he’d like to play with him. Also Napier is a true pass first PG and one of the best pick and roll players to come out of collage in the last few years. One of his best stats from last year, was he lead his teams in rebounds for most of the season, pretty impressive for a guy his only 6’1″. He’ll fit in nicely with the Princeton offense that Blatt is going to run, also is a natural leader which is something Irving is not.

    #32 Mitch McGary-A great low post presence he’s physical, attacks the rim, and runs the floor and also great at setting screens. He does lack a consistent post up game, and struggled offensively last year. Could be do to the fact he was injured most of the year. He’s a high upside guy and worth the risk. Will fill a hole till Emdiid comes back from injury.

    #33 DeAndre Daniels-He’s a quality all around shooter and a good rebounder. Versatile skill set on offense, knows when to take the shoot and when to hold it and drive. He could be a 3-4 player in the future. Has the height but needs to add some weight and strength to play down low. Another high upside player who is worth the risk.

    Starting line up for next year MCW-Waiters-Wiggins-TT-Andy
    Bench Napier-Zeller-McGary-Daniels-Dellavedova-Karasev-Gee-Felix-Hopsen-Bennett
    Embiid will be on IR to start but will work his way into lineup.

    This doesn’t included FA which they’ll probably let Deng walk. Try and resign Hawes. And go all out for the Return of the King.