Video: Kyrie Irving's Celebration Dance

We all know Kyrie Irving likes to dance with the ball. Whether it is putting Brandon Knight on the floor while breaking his ankles or making big men look silly when they switch on the pick and roll, Irving has the ball on a string. What you might not know is Irving seems to like to dance, just dance, a lot. Here are 4 short videos of the All Star point guard getting his dance on, then we will look at his most recent moves:

Now the most recent video of Irving dancing also has the Cleveland Cavaliers fans dancing. At 5 in the morning, after agreeing to sign a 5 year deal worth about $90 million Irving had to get his dance on:

Now I don’t know how my dance moves would look at 5 AM in the morning (Yes I do, bad, just like they look any other time of day) but I’m sure we would all do a little dance signing for that much money. Irving, the Cavs and their fans have a lot to celebrate.

What does your celebration dance look like? Put a video/GIF of it in the comments below or send it to us on Twitter @FansidedFoS and we will share the best ones.

You have been challenged, will you accept?

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