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Thoughts on the Tribe and Cavs, Buy or Sell?

(Editor’s Note: Some thoughts on the Cavs and Indians from our Voice of the Fan. Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.)

The trade deadline is approaching in MLB and it’s time to figure out buy or sell for the Cleveland Indians?  Let’s see what I think they need!  Everyone I’ve seen has said they are in immediate need of at least one starting pitcher, not necessarily a number one but a three would help. Someone  like Cole Hamels from the Phillies for instance. The next question is who do you have to trade for him?  Is  Lindor in play, because that would be what everyone wants! No , then who, Asdrubal Cabrera? His value has dropped along with his defense and batting average.

Next they still need a bat, a power bat if possible! Oh what would you give to have Nelson Cruz in there now?  Could of, should have!  Who would you like that might be available? Not too many on the trade block? Again, who could you trade for  this big bat. Back to the same problem.

My suspicion is they will either stay put or be sellers and put Asdrubal Cabrera  and possibly Justin Masterson on the block. Better to get something than to let them walk for nothing!

The Cavs problem is the players they want either don’t want to come here or are restricted free agents who’s team could match the offer sheet and either way it’s a loose, loose situation!  They are finding that out with Gordon Hayward now. It looks to me like they need to resign Spencer Hawes and try their hardest to get Trevor Ariza! Not my first or third choices, but let’s get realistic, it’s what they can get. The only other route is a trade which would probably involved Dion Waiters or Tristan Thompson or both? What is their value and what could you get in return to make them a better team?

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