May 5, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (center) holds his fourth MVP trophy next to head coach Erik Spoelstra (left) and Heat president Pat Riley (right) at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Ilgauskas With LeBron James' Mtg. With Heat Officials 8 Days Ago

Trying to write a title for this article was tough, given size limitations for “good article titles.” Information we wanted to get across was as follows. 1) Zydrunas Ilgauskas was with LeBron James, 2) They were together in Miami, 3) They were together in a meeting in Miami, 4) That meeting was with Miami Heat Officials and 5) That meeting was 8 days ago. All according to Glenn Moore:

Yes you read that all correctly. A Cavaliers official, who is now in Florida on behalf of the Cavs to try to lure James back to Cleveland, was in a meeting with James while the Heat were trying to lure him back. No matter how many ways you write the scenario out, or read it, it still makes little sense. Why would James want Big Z there? Why on Earth would the Heat allow a rival team’s employee, a team also in the running for their best player, in an official meeting? We reached out to Moore but have not gotten a response.

Why Big Z was there, and why Dan Gilbert would allow it, are both easily answered!

It speaks to the power of 2 people that this story even took place (as Moore is a reputable writer we expect that it did). It speaks to the power of Big Z and LeBron James. Ilgauskas power is clear as James had tried desperately to win a ring for him, including bringing him to Miami in his first year. Z also was enough of a lure that James came to Cleveland during the NBA season to watch his jersey retirement. James trusts Z, even as he knows he works for the Cavs, so much that he had him come to a meeting with his current team’s executives.

Yet it more so speaks to the power of LeBron James. He is so powerful that he can do things that A) other teams would see as tampering and B) fly directly in the face of his current, and possibly future, employer. Going to Cleveland for Ilgauskas’ jersey retirement, and working with the team to make sure the timing worked out, would be grounds for tampering if it was any other player. Asking a team to allow another team’s employee into a team meeting would get you laughed at or fired if you are any other player. Instead, trying not to upset their star player the Heat have had to allow these very unorthodox events to occur.

Does it mean James is coming back? No, not exactly. But it does mean that the person that seems to have his ear the most just happens to be a Cavaliers’ employee and just happens to be in Florida right now, via Dan Gilbert’s plane, to recruit him. A lot of signs are pointing up, like straight up from Florida right back to good ol’ Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you make of this story?

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