Mar 18, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) reacts in front of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (right) at Quicken Loans Arena. Miami won 100-96. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Report: LeBron James Hung Up On Dan Gilbert's Decision-Night Letter

LeBron James may have been seriously considering the Cavaliers at some point, but it’s looking less likely the four-time MVP will return to the north shore because he’s still hung up on the letter Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert released on Decision Night 2010, according to ESPN reporter Chris Broussard.

The infamous Comic Sans rant blasted James for being a coward and a traitor, among other things. The letter was recently purged from when news of James’ possible return started heating up.

“If it wasn’t for that letter, this would’ve been done awhile ago,” one source said told Broussard.

Broussard’s report was discussed on Mike &  Mike Friday morning by guest hosts Jonathan Coachman and Chris Carter.

Previous reports stated James moved past the letter, but Broussard wrote that a burying-the-hatchet type meeting never took place.

Broussard also reported that many don’t believe James will play for Gilbert, considering how loudly James spoke out against Donald Sterling.

From a Broussard source:

“He condemned Sterling but he’s going back to the [expletive] who nearly called him an uppity [expletive],” one league executive said. “Hypocrite.”

On Tuesday, ESPN writer J.A. Adande wrote a column about the possibility of James playing forGilbert after the Cavs owner unloaded on James after The Decision.

“A return to the Cavaliers by James would be a tacit endorsement of all he rejected. It wouldn’t represent just a swallowing of his own pride — it would be a surrender in the battle for self-determination for NBA players.”

How big an impact is Gilbert’s letter making on James’ decision?

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