Skylar Grey Welcomes LeBron James Home

Skylar Grey is a musical artist. Many of you have no clue who she is but I can almost guarantee you have heard her music in the past week. How do I know? I know because Grey wrote the song “Coming Home” that has been used on every memorial video regarding the possibility of LeBron James coming home. Those are all fun montages but today we share with you that Grey herself has welcomed James home herself:

This shows the power of James. Grey is not from Ohio, has no connection with Ohio that we understand but decided to grab her iPhone and record this video. Nothing professionally edited, no pomp and circumstances and no marketing. Just a successful artist, her piano and her voice.

Because this song has been used so much it is really awesome to hear the words changed to match the situation perfectly. Grey’s voice is beautiful and she captures the right tone in the full song. A slow steady build to excitement. It parralels this week for many. Slowly building to the climax that was Friday.

Thank you Skylar Grey.

We also want to take a moment to thank all of our amazing readers this past week. You have helped us set records upon records for our site. Day after day we are blessed that you would read our work and hope we continue to honor you with quality material.


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