Report: Cleveland Cavaliers Could Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kevin Love

Word on the street is that LeBron James wants his team to acquire Kevin Love, and judging by the King’s track record in Cleveland, LBJ usually gets what he wants.

Journal-News Cavs beat writer Bob Finan cites a “league source” as saying Cleveland would be willing to move Andrew Wiggins to acquire Love’s talents. He also cites a source who said James wants the 25-year-old Love on the roster.

From Finan:

“The latest offer could include Wiggins, power forward Anthony Bennett and a first-round pick. Center Brendan Haywood might be included in the deal to make it work contractually.”

The recent winds from Cavs headquarters gave off the vibe that the team had no interest in moving the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 draft.

Before James announced he was coming back to the Cavs, Love said he didn’t want to play in Cleveland. After James made his decision, his attitude changed.

While it may not mean anything, Andrew Wiggins has yet to sign his Cavs’ contract. So what’s the hold up?

Once a player has signed his rookie contract, the team that drafted that player can’t trade that player for 30 days, according to Bruce Drennan of Fox Sports Ohio.

There was also the infamous letter from the Cavs team shop, which stated customers who order Wiggins’ jerseys would not receive their new apparel until after the 19-year-old signed his contract.

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James acknowledged in his Sports Illustrated essay that this Cavs’ roster isn’t a championship contender, but adding Love would certainly make the team the favorite to win the Eastern Conference title. James has made no bones about measuring his legacy in championships, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that he doesn’t want to wait one to two years for Andrew Wiggins to develop into an All-Star player.



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