LeBron James Chooses His Jersey Number #TheReturn

Something that has been of interest to many since LeBron James decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers is what number he would wear. Before he made the decision we shared with you the rumor that he might choose #32. James himself sought out our feedback via Twitter and Instagram:

An interesting question. The responses he got were very unique as well. For this writer it made most sense for James to return to #23 as that was his number in Cleveland, it is the number that would be retired right next to his friend Big Z’s and it continued his redemption storyline.

For James the question had other pieces to it. He has stated that he thinks the NBA should retire Michael Jordan‘s #23 and no longer let anyone wear it. That would include him obviously. #6 has been meaningful to him both with the Miami Heat as well as with the USA Men’s Basketball. Going with a third number, like 32, could be problematic from a marketing perspective.

In the end James made the decision, for many reasons we are sure, that will be embraced by his “home” for “The Return” by going back to #23 as he announced on Twitter today:

So all you Cavs fans that didn’t burn, destroy or bury your jerseys, shirseys and all memorabilia you will rejoice. All of you new Cavs fans, guessing some of you are also ex-Miami Heat fans, start your search for vintage #23 Cavaliers stuff online.

Likely James and his team will figure out a way to create a new marketing campaign, and gear, around his return to #23. From a narrative perspective the opportunities are endless with his return.

What do you think of James returning to #23?

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