Aug 1, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Team USA guard Paul George is carted off the floor on a gurney after suffering a lower leg injury during the USA Basketball Showcase at Thomas & Mack Center. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George Injury Shows Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Trade For Kevin Love

If you’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan not sold on dealing Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love, let Paul George‘s horrific leg injury be a lesson.

In sports nothing should be taken for granted. Guys get hurt, players have off years, other teams have players emerge; you just never know what’s going to happen.

After toiling in the lottery for the past four seasons, the Cavs window was thrust open as if a tornado came out of nowhere to free the locks that had kept it shut.

LeBron James came back, and the franchise can’t afford to squander a chance to win an NBA championship with the best player on the planet. If Love is the final piece toward making it happen, there should be nothing to debate.

For all the arguments that can be made about what Wiggins could be in the future, nobody knows for sure. Everything projected around the No. 1 overall pick is based on potential. He showed crazy-good athleticism a few weeks ago, but didn’t even make the All-Vegas team during summer-league play.

This isn’t to say Wiggins won’t be an All-Star or a dominant player, but it looks like the 19-year-old athletic marvel will need a few years to get acclimated to the NBA game. Even the most ardent Wiggins supporter has to agree the former Kansas Jayhawk won’t be stepping on the floor and transforming into a player ready to lead his team to a title.

The Cavs are in “must-win” mode, with James only signing a two-year deal, with an option to bail out after this season.

Brian Windhorst and Bill Simmons touched on the topic while discussing the George injury on Tuesdays’ BS Report podcast:

“That’s why the Cavs have to trade for Kevin Love. The Pacers window, it might now be shut,” Windhorst said. “If you’re the Cavs, I get it. this is the reason. You never know. You can’t count on your window. you have to try and win it.”

Windows shut fast, as Indiana unfortunately learned, but that’s why the Cavs have to gamble on Love, even if he holds off on signing an extension.

As Simmons pointed, out, the unpredictability of the future can be a cold place for franchises who choose to try and prolong their chances of winning down the road.

“It’s too easy for guys to get hurt. It’s too easy for guys to get knocked out. it’s too easy for guys to deteriorate. In the NBA, you’re as good as your top three guys, and if you lose one of them, the whole thing flips…you can’t just assume you can roll it over year after year and always be competitive,” Simmons said.

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