Live Video: 10 Great Minutes from LeBron James Homecoming

Last night the LeBron James’ Homecoming was an amazing experience. From the fans excitement to the anticipation to the focus on the kids in his program everything was setup well. When James finally took the stage, following the surprising performance by Skylar Grey, the excitement, the noise, the camera flashes and the cheers were amazing.

It was done right, except for the idiot who ran on the stage at the beginning. James spent much of his time focused on the kids. The fans were mostly patient, except for a few teenagers sitting near me. The ramp up to James coming on stage, with the Cavs hype man, David Griffin, the mayor of Akron, the Rehab Addict, the videos, the dance squad and everything else built anticipation. As Grey finished her song this is what the experience was like live in the stadium:

I had to zoom in a little bit so every small movement looks big in the video, I apologize for that. But hey good camera quality from so far away. Could you feel the excitement? Could you see and hear his passion, relief and excitement?

It was also a night where I found out that wearing a red polo shirt means you can be found often in the crowd and on news broadcasts, here are 3 pictures family sent me, of me from broadcasts. I am thinking about changing my Twitter name to ManInRedPolo:



001 002

How did you experience this moment?

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