Jul 28, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Connor Shaw (9) during training camp at Cleveland Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

VoF: The case for Connor Shaw

(Editor’s Note: Even though the Cleveland Browns have named Brian Hoyer the starter of Johnny Manziel, our Voice of the Fan wonders if Connor Shaw deserves more praise for his play late in the game against 3rd/4th stringers.)

If you watched the Monday Night Football game with the Browns, you saw some pretty sloppy quarterback play. We won’t go into the gestures made during the game, but neither Brian Hoyer or Johnny “Football” Manziel looked worthy of starting for the team.

However, the one who played the best, was Connor Shaw! I’m not saying he should be the starter or anything, but when the time came and the game was on the line, he took them down to within a whisker of a win. Shaw is not getting near the reps in practice the other two are. Yet he was the one QB that looked like he had a clue on Monday night!

What I am saying is he’s a keeper! When it’s time to play and the game is on, he’ll work his butt off and produce . I only hope the Cleveland coaches saw what I and some of you I’m sure saw.

Do you want to keep Shaw or Rex Grossman as the 3rd string QB? Is he the perfect backup to Manziel long term?

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