Kevin Love Poses for Photo... Next to Kevin Love Banner

Right now Cleveland Cavaliers fans feel like they are living in dream land. Maybe that is “The ‘LAND” all the cool kids keep tweeting about. The ‘LAND” is full of Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love, as well as hopes and dreams and wishes and an excitement long since missing from the shores of Lake Erie, much like this Lord of the Rings clip:

Yet while the city of Cleveland may have struggled, it is far from decay. “The King” has returned and he has brought with him an army, one fit to help “Win a Ring for the King.” It started with Mike Miller and James Jones. Reinforcements continued with Shawn Marion and the possibility of Ray Allen. Finally after a month of waiting today we got to see one of the two Generals in the King’s army with a Cavs jersey in his hand.

Today Kevin Love was introduced to the Cavs in a short press conference that continued to build excitement in the city of Cleveland. He talked about his commitment to the Cavs long term. He showed his excitement for playing with LeBron. He demonstrated his basketball knowledge in all of his answers. Then a little later in the day he posed for a picture, with that same jersey, next to a huge banner of himself:

Kevin Love Next to Kevin Love Banner

It almost looks photoshopped but it is clear that Cavs fans are going to love having Love on their team for a variety of reasons. My favorite part of the picture, outside the fact that he took it, is the deadpanned look on his face in both pictures. While he presented overjoyed during the press conference it looks like a flat affect picture is his pose du jour. He is obviously excited and it is fun to have another star player to enjoy here in Cleveland.

The King and his Generals? The Big 3? 3 Head Lake Erie Monster? KyLove James?

What is a good creative, succinct nickname for the three stars of the Cavaliers. Give us your best shot.

What were your thoughts on the Love press conference? Anything stand out to you?

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