Steelers Fans in Ohio: Picture and Video Worth 1,000 Words

 Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In Ohio fans have choices to make based on what is important to them. As the local team, the Cleveland Browns, have struggled for years and moved to Baltimore, some “fans” have chosen to follow other teams. This could be seen as front running/bandwagon fandom, a famous example is Lebron James being a Dallas Cowboy fan since they were good during his childhood. Others chose to be Pittsburgh Steelers fans due to some loose connection to the team: “My mom’s dad’s brother’s son was their ball boy for a game” or “My best friend in high school was a Steeler’s fan.”

Mike Polk Jr. gives attention to these Ohio Steelers fans, at the 1:10 mark, in the following rant:

There has also been a number of “humorous” pictures out, especially the Knock Knock, Owen one, that Cleveland fans get to enjoy for the first time in a long time, maybe ever. While it may seem like piling on, its important for the dedicated fans of Northern Ohio to enjoy these moments. The season is a little over a quarter over, so many things could still happen. The jokes, the videos and the joy of being a Browns fan may not last long. The transition of Ohio Steeler “fans” (quotes necessary as they are not true fans, real Steeler fans don’t change) over the past few weeks has been interesting, some haven’t even reappeared: