Cleveland’s Sports Uniforms Ranked Among The Worst

Now more than ever it seems, sports fans are just as interested with how sports teams look just as much as how they play.

Yesterday, a ranking of the top 20 sports cities based on their uniforms was made. The setup was with 20 cities as the format was based on sports cities with three or more sports franchises in each of those respective cities. Cleveland’s sports uniforms were ranked towards the bottom of the list tied at 16th.

Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas created the list. This is his take on the franchises uniforms in Cleveland:

After all the pre-unveiling hype, the Browns’ new uniforms are a disappointment. Not a disaster (well, except for that big, honking “Browns” lettering down the pant legs), but definitely not an upgrade. Meanwhile, it’s increasingly hard for the Indians to rationalize the use of Chief Wahoo, who sullies every uniform he touches. On the plus side, that Cavs uniform looks a lot better with LeBron wearing it, right?

I agree with his opinion on the Cleveland sports unis. The Cleveland Browns uniforms were definitely not what I had hoped for. One or two of the jerseys I could see myself wearing, but the rest of them will take some time for them to grow on me.

Whether the usage of Chief Wahoo is used or not as the main logo or one that is used at all will get many opinions. That topic is for another day. Let me just say the Indians’ logo of Chief Wahoo is a historical logo, which is why I would like to see them use it more.

Anytime LeBron James is back in a Cleveland uniform is a good thing. I get that updates and changes are needed every so often, which I am fine with. That however does not mean I believe the jerseys look improved. I am not the biggest fan of the current jerseys the team wears.

Beginning in 1987, Cleveland started having the colors blue, white, orange, and black in the 1990’s in their uniforms. By 1999 through 2003, the transition could easily be seen that they were phasing out most of those colors.

My question is why would not the Cavs just stick with their uniform’s colors and scheme when the following jerseys were changed prior to James’ rookie season? Their current uniform scheme was not a necessary adjustment. A minor adjustment to James’ rookie season jersey would have been just fine instead.

Did this ranking make the right decision on where to place Cleveland?

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