Cleveland Browns: What If A Quarterback Goes Number One?

If one of the top quarterbacks are gone when the Cleveland Browns are on the clock, do they draft the other quarterback?

Offensive line, defensive back, linebacker, and wide receiver are all areas that the Cleveland Browns need to upgrade. That said, the quarterback position likely trumps all of those positions. However, with the second pick, Cleveland may have to settle in taking a top quarterback rather than having their pick from all of the options.

Currently, the Tennessee Titans have the first pick and they do not need to draft a quarterback after selecting Marcus Mariota last season. Like the Cleveland Browns, the Titans have multiple holes to fill, so the could trade out of the top pick.

It is still more than a month away from the 2016 NFL Draft. As we get closer to the first day of the draft, the pursuit of a quarterback will increase.

By the end of April, the likelihood of California’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz both could get drafted within the first two picks in some order. That is assuming a Titans trade is made.

Teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, among others could work out a deal to select Wentz or Goff. Both of those organizations have been rumored over the last couple of seasons to possibly acquire different quarterbacks via the draft. Remember, on draft night anything can happen.

Lets say the Cleveland Browns ranking at quarterback does not have Wentz and Goff in some order as the best at the position. Should that be the case and only of them are at the top, then obviously Cleveland will hope their guy is available. If that player is there for the taking, and quarterback is the route they want to go, then the rest is history.

If Cleveland’s preference is not available, what do they do? Should the Cleveland Browns just draft the other quarterback or do they go another way in round one, while selecting a quarterback later? That is the million dollar question.

Then again, even if both quarterbacks are on the board, the Cleveland Browns may prefer to draft another position regardless. If quarterback is the first priority (for good reasons it should be) in the Browns front office, then it will not matter who would be drafted first since the other top quarterback is there. Yet, do not dismiss any scenario until the first two draft cards are in.

It would be great to have one of the best quarterbacks. On the other hand, if they do not draft one in the first round, then it would be clear the difference between the top two quarterbacks and the last three that rounds out the top five is not that much. Either way, a quarterback should be drafted no later than the second round.

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