Cleveland Browns: Paul DePodesta Right Just To Observe 2016 NFL Draft In 1st Season?

Paul DePodesta will just be an “observer” for the Cleveland Browns in the 2016 NFL Draft, according to one report.

Paul DePodesta holds the title of Chief Strategy Officer. That means he’s the man in charge with crafting the future direction of the Cleveland Browns.

Jimmy Haslam paid the “moneyball” man big money to leave Major League Baseball, to make a big jump in our nation’s most popular sport.

One would think DePodesta would have significant say when the Browns go on the clock in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft April 28, right.

That perception would be wrong, according to one NFL reporter. Depodesta will reportedly sit on the sidelines, according to ESPN’s Mark Dominik, who heard the Browns’ new executive “will serve only as an observer…in the draft process,” according to a Tweet from’s Alex Marvez.

There’s two schools of thought you can take with this news…good…or bad. Let’s make the case for both.

Paul DePodesta Should NOT Have A Voice In The Draft

It actually makes a ton a sense. He’s obviously an intelligent guy. Let him learn in year one, and that experience will help him grow as an NFL personnel executive.

Plus, vice president Sashi Brown will be employing the analytical angle. Partnered with Hue Jackson, the pair should, in theory, make some decent picks, while DePodesta soaks in the experience.

Paul DePodesta SHOULD Have A Say In The Draft

Absofreakinlutely. I saved this one for last because it’s the right answer here. Jimmy Haslam interviewed DePodesta, and was confident enough to hire him and go all in with analytics. It’d be “so Browns” to have DePodesta, not have him involved.

He’s supposed to be the numbers guy, which means his opinion would likely be objective–a good thing. The idea that he won’t be active on draft day should be frustrating news, because it’s kind of like the Browns are punting on this draft class. This is why DePodesta was hired. Let him do his thing!

OK, Calm Down

Perhaps the info shared on Sirius XM is inaccurate. We won’t be in the war room with the Browns. Who knows which men will have a voice?

But if it’s question, then yes, DePodesta should absolutely have a voice. He’s a valuable part of the organization whether me and the rest of the fan base like it or not.. His contributions shouldn’t be put on hold on the most important personnel day of the season.