Browns Trade Rumors: Using No. 32 For Packers 1st-Rounder

In Cleveland Browns trade rumors, the franchise own the No. 32 overall pick (first selection of the second round) in the 2016 NFL Draft, and rumor has it the franchise is trying to use the asset to move into the first round.

The Cleveland Browns have the first pick on the second day of the NFL Draft. Not a bad thing, considering there will be plenty of talented players available on day two.

However, new VP Sashi Brown may not want to wait that long to use the pick. Brown and company are actively shopping No. 32 in an effort to move back up into the first round. This would give the Browns the eighth overall selection, and then whatever pick the front office acquires from moving up.

That other pick may be No. 27, as reported,both the Broncos and Cleveland have spoke to the Packers about acquiring Green Bay’s pick.

Charlie Campbell wrote: “An intriguing bonus for the Browns moving back into the opening round from the initial selection of the second frame is the fifth-year option that comes with rookie contracts of first-round picks. It isn’t expensive to move up just a few spots, and that extra season of a cheap rookie contract with a player in their prime years is very valuable, especially if the player is a quarterback. If the Browns pass on a quarterback with the No. 8 selection, don’t be surprised if they look to move up from pick 32 to land a young signal caller to compete with Robert Griffin III.

A few things about this rumor.

-I do believe the Browns would interested in moving up from 32 to secure that fifth-year options for players drafted in the first round. Remember, these are the types of details that matter to the team’s new analytically driven front office.

-I don’t believe they would draft a quarterback if they move up from 32 to 27. I believe any chance the Browns had of drafting a first-round QB disappeared when they moved down from No. 2. This team has Robert Griffin III, and I don’t think new coach Hue Jackson wants someone looking over his shoulder. A developmental prospect could be taken later in the draft, but I think, RG3 is the Browns quarterback of the future, for the next two seasons, anyway.

-The news that the Browns are looking to trade this pick doesn’t come as a surprise. With the first pick on the second day, other NFL teams will have a great deal of time to contemplate their second-round moves, while deciding whether or not they want to move up. I see the Browns having a bidding war over this pick that will help them accumulate more selections in the second, third, or fourth rounds.

– Denver was also linked to this rumor. They need a quarterback. Enter Paxton Lynch. It’s doubtful Lynch gets to 31…but 27? I think it’s more realistic.