Kyrie Irving trade rumors: Here come the New York Knicks

In Kyrie Irving trade rumors, one of the team’s Irving would like to play for, the New York Knicks, are interested in making a trade for the All-Star.

The New York Knicks want Kyrie Irving. They’d love to Carmelo Anthony to make it happen.

Just imagine Koby Altman hanging up the phone laughing.

Of course the Knicks would like to unload Melo for Kyrie, but the Cavs aren’t doing that.

But if you’re talking about throwing Kristaps Porzingis into the deal, then Cleveland should be very interested.

However, the Knicks don’t appear to be willing to include the Zinger in a potential trade, according to ESPN’s Ian Begley.

The Knicks, obviously, have strong interest in Kyrie Irving (just like 29 other teams) but I’m told people in the Knicks front office would not be willing at this point to include Kristaps Porzingis in a trade. Some with the organization would be willing to include future first-round picks and Carmelo Anthony in a deal for Irving, per league sources.

If the Knicks would be willing to include Porzingis, the Cavs should listen. If Phil Jackson was still in charge, they might’ve had a better chance to acquire the Latvian prodigy.

But now that their front office has changed, you can see why Porzingis isn’t available.

Unfortuantley for the Knicks, you’ve gotta give something to get something, and there’s no way a 30-something Carmelo Anthony is good enough to be trade for arguably the best finisher in the game.

Hopefully Irving’s situation gets resolved and he stays with the Cavaliers.

Remember, it was Irving, not James, who hit the biggest shot in franchise history to give the Cavaliers their first ever NBA championship.

If the Cavs do intend to grant Irving his wish, they may be better off waiting until closer to the trade deadline. So many pieces and parts have already moved, and the franchise lost out on its chance to acquire Paul George.

Stay tuned, though. This is far from over.