2018 NBA Finals: Cavs’ ‘Blueprint’ to beat Warriors already known

Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue said there’s a “Blueprint” to beat the Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals, and we’ve already seen it.

After such a heartbreaking loss in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, will the Cleveland Cavaliers be galvanized or crumble?

Coach Ty Lue is staying as confident as he can be, expressing that his team has a blueprint to beat the Golden State Warriors.

That blue print seems centered around crashing the offensive boards, a tactic that almost helped Cleveland steal Game 1.

The Cavaliers learned by watching film of the Houston series that the offensive glass may be something they could exploit.

Eight Cavaliers at at least one offensive rebound in the opening of the series, and Larry Nance Jr. may be a weapon Lue can use to expose Golden State.

Nance played just 19 minutes, but had four boards–as many as the Warriors as a team.

Without another go-to scorer on the roster, the Cavs have to be physical when cleaning the glass, both on the offensive and defensive side.

Having Nance to go along with offensive rebounding maven Tristan Thompson, in addition to Kevin Love, who despite flaws, rebounds on defense, is a great start.

When these three players are in the game, the Cavs are going to create second-chance chance opportunities, while preventing Golden State for getting more looks on this end. With the Warriors being so freaking good, you just can’t allow them more than one look at the basket on an offensive  trip.

Nance collected 30.6 percent of available rebounds during Game 1, while Love (20.3) and Thompson (15.6) were right behind him, according to The Athletic’s Tom Reed.

The Cavs have an advantage here, and it’s not really surprising they were better on the offensive glass.

The Cavs have to keep the physicality going, because it’s true. Second-chance opportunities will keep them alive.

But realistically, we saw the blueprint in Game 1, which was a contest the Cavs let slip away (with the help of some scandalous NBA officiating).

Cleveland played very well to open the series and other than making making some more 3-pointers, there isn’t a whole lot left for Lue to do.

James did his thing, scoring 51. The defense was good enough. The Cavs survived the third quarter.

Now, just imagine if Love, who converted only once from downtown, makes two more 3’s. It’s a different game.

Is there anything you’d like to see Lue do differently in Game 2?