2019 Cleveland Browns: 5 trades to make this offseason, OBJ-less edition

Cleveland Browns Anthony Brown (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
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Browns receive: OlivierVernon

Giants receive: 2019 third-round pick

This isn’t the first time that rumors of trading defensive tackle Olivier Vernon have crept up for the New York Giants.

Trade whispers grew last fall, as Vernon carries a huge contract.

What would it take to get him? ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan reported Vernon would command a mid-round draft choice, via BigBlueUnbiased.com. NFL.com’s Jeremy Bergman wrote anywhere between a third- and fifth-round pick may be appropriate compensation.

Before Bergman made this point, he noted the price paid by the Bears (two first-rounders) for Khalil Mack. The comparison is understandable in that they are both edge rushers, but Vernon is not the caliber player of Mack.

With over $70 million in cap space, the Browns could take on the $30 million owed Vernon in the last two years of his contract.

As far as fit, Vernon would most likely be placed on the EDGE opposite Myles Garrett in Cleveland’s 4-3 scheme. He’s currently an outside linebacker in the Giants’ 3-4 base system.

While a trade that should happen in an effort to win now, it probably won’t come to fruition based on the makeup of the front office. Dorsey’s top lieutenants, Elliott Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith come from an organization not known for spending big money on a single player (Green Bay Packers) that isn’t a franchise quarterback.

The Browns would be overpaying for Vernon, but again, only for a couple seasons. The end of his contract would coincide with the time that Myles Garrett’s forthcoming extension should be kicking in.

Adding Vernon bolsters the defense and would afford the Browns to fix either defensive tackle.

The Giants may end up cutting Vernon. New York would carry $8 million in dead cap money in doing so, though, so trade is not out of the question.