Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer calls out writer Paul Hoynes, again

Trevor Bauer and Cleveland Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes look to be on disagreeing sides of another story that’s sure to make its own headlines.

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer is at it again, singling out Tribe beat writer Paul Hoynes for a story he doesn’t agree with.

A story, currently running on is headlined “Cleveland Indians name Corey Kluber Opening Day Starter; Trevor Bauer not happy.”

The headline suggests Bauer is upset he wasn’t named the Opening Day starter.

Bauer responded on Twitter, calling Hoynes dishonest.

“You’re extremely dishonest Paul. For everyone else out there who wants the real story instead of this desperate clickbait BS, I’m not mad at all about Klubes pitching opening day. I’m happy for him. He 100% deserves it.”

Read Hoynes story and you may find yourself sympathetic to Bauer. As I read, I kept wait for the “Trevor is mad” moment and here’s why…Instead, the reader is left to draw conclusions based off Terry Francona telling reporters Bauer “might be a little cranky today…”

Additionally, Bauer didn’t talk to the press after his Saturday start, meaning he could’ve had a say on not being named the No. 1 starter, but chose to sit on the bus, keeping his thoughts to himself.

As for the story being “clickbait,” as Bauer describes. He didn’t seem like a happy camper after his last start, but his point is well taken. The headline suggests he was stewing over Corey Kluber being named the Opening Day starter.

In the print days, writers didn’t write headlines. That job was left for an editor who had to come up with something to fit the space available in the newspaper. Nowadays, some writers do write their headlines, some don’t. I don’t know about Hoynes.

This is the second time Hoynes and Bauer got into a notable kerfuffle. Back in 2016, Hoynes basically wrote the Indians were done after serious injuries to Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco seemed to make the Tribe’s postseason hopes dead on arrival.

Bauer called out Hoynsie on Twitter in 2016, naming him as a coward for not showing up in the locker room the next day (it was Hoynes’ scheduled day off). Needless to say, story got a lot of press.

It also served as a springboard as that rag-tag group of Indians made it all the way to Game 7 of the World Series.