Cleveland Cavaliers heavily promoting Collin Sexton for All-Rookie team

The Cleveland Cavaliers are promoting Collin for nomination to the NBA’s All-Rookie team, a move The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd calls shocking. But, is it, really?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are going all out in their effort to get Collin Sexton named to the NBA’s All-Rookie team, according to The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd.

Lloyd makes it seem strange that the Cavs are putting a gigantic effort in getting Sexton the post-season honor because it’s not even something the franchise did for better players.

Here’s what he recently wrote for The Athletic”

“The overwhelming media blitz by the franchise to get Sexton on the All-Rookie team is fairly shocking. In the nearly 10 years I’ve spent around this franchise, I’ve never seen them so feverishly promote a player for an award like this — they didn’t even act like this for Kyrie Irving‘s Rookie of the Year campaign or any of LeBron’s MVP campaigns.”</p>

Not sure why it’s so shocking. Altman was the general manger when James and Irving were vying to be named among the NBA’s elite.

And in case you forget, Altman has a ton riding on Sexton, so the fact that the Alabama product turned out to be a good one (so far) is reason enough for Moon Dog to stand on top of the Terminal Tower and pound his chest.

Sexton, which came to the Cavs by way of the “Brooklyn Pick,” along with center Ante Zizic, are all that’s left of the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics. Altman was reasonably sure that the pick was going to be a top-5 selection. Bad luck can bite you quickly when you play the lottery game, though, and the pick became the No. 8 overall selection.

Having Sexton named to the All-Rookie team would be a feather in the hat Altman. More important, it gives him capital with owner Dan Gilbert.

The Cavs will be lottery participants when the draft order is determined next month, but this time, by their own accord. Cleveland, along with the Knicks and Suns have a 14 percent chance of landing the No. 1 overall pick. The Bulls, who finished with the fourth-worst record, have a 12 percent chance of picking first.

The waiting public will find out the order of the 2019 NBA Draft when the lottery results are revealed during the NBA playoffs, May 14.