Cleveland Browns rumors: John Dorsey hopes to trade up in 2nd round

Fans excited for the Cleveland Browns to make a draft pick may not have to wait Lon if general manager follows through on his hope to trade up.

The Cleveland Browns will finally make a selection on Day two of the 2019 NFL Draft, but it may come earlier than the 49th overall pick, which is the 17th pick in the second round.

General manager John Dorsey hopes to move up in the second round, according to ESPN Cleveland analyst Tony Grossi.

Grossi wrote about this nugget after sharing that Dorsey had tried to move up into the first round. He had targeted three specific players, but the price to move up was apparently too steep.

If you were being realistic about the Browns’ expectations entering draft weekend, this news should suite you just the fine. Dorsey didn’t do anything reckless by trading into the first round just for the sake of doing so.

The price for moving up? We have a pretty good idea of the price tag to move into the mid-20s based off a trade between the Redskins and Colts. Indianapolis traded their 26th pick to Washington in exchange for the Redskins’ second-rounder (46th-overall). Washington also had to give up a 2020 second-round election.

The Browns need a cornerback and with just one being taken in the first round, a run on corner backs is expected to dominate the headlines of day two.

Entering Thursday night, the Browns were heavily linked to Michigan State’s Justin Layne. With corners expected to fly off the board, the Browns may have to move up to get their man.

It will take a heck of a lot less to move up into the low 30s or early 40s than it would have to get into the 20s.

Rounds two and three of the draft commence tonight at 7 p.m. Our Mike Graham mocked the second and third rounds and had the Browns acquiring two future starters in these critical rounds.

I’ve also looked at corners the Browns should be considering now that the first round is in the books.