Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield brings RV back to 2019 Training Camp

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield returned the quarterback RV to the 2019 Training Camp as a place QBs could go to get away.

The RV is back in Berea at Cleveland Browns Training Camp, as Baker Mayfield has returned the quarterback get-a-way to the parking lot on Lou Groza Dr.

ESPN Cleveland analyst Tony Grossi was asked if Mayfield decided to bring the RV back, and the longtime scribe had the answer, although Mayfield didn’t have to pay for the fortress of solitude this time around.

“Mayfield said it was his idea to bring back the RV, though he was glad he didn’t have to pay for it this year. He also said he can’t imagine going through another training camp without a RV for the QBs to chill. One other thing: He said he had a surprise in store for the upcoming week in Indianapolis.”

The RV became legendary, thanks to its placement on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last season, especially with fourth-string quarterback Brogan Roback tasked with keeping the fridge full and snak drawer replenished.

Mayfield spent last weekend endearing himself to fans, as he riffed out to the Phil Collins hit  “In the Air Tonight” before signing autographs for fans. From the scrimmage, he went to to the Tribe game where he sported a Francisco Lindor jersey and then went viral chugging a can of Miller Lite.

Colin Cowherd will have a problem with this, but Cleveland fans can’t get enough of it.

It will be interesting to see what surprise Mayfield has lined for his teammates in Indianapolis. The Browns will pack up camp and train with the Colts for few days before embarking on preseason game No. 2.

During the Orange and Brown scrimmage, Mayfield did not lead a touchdown drive on his two team periods that began from the 30-yard line. However, he did hook up with Pharaoh Brown on a touchdown pass during while he ran the two-minute drill.

Big things are expected from Mayfield in 2019, as the second-year veteran from Oklahoma is supposed to break the Browns’ single-season record for passing yards and touchdowns.