Crazy OBJ trade rumors say Cleveland Browns listening to 3 teams

Unbelievably, there’s a trade rumors involving Cleveland Browns WR  Odell Beckham Jr. Dealing OBJ would be crazy, so let’s flesh this thing out.

In Cleveland Browns trade rumors, general manager John Dorsey is getting calls regarding Odell Beckham Jr, according to “America’s Most Infamous Radio Host” Dan Sileo.

His title is in quotes because I’ve never heard of him. That said, he’s got the blue check mark and has over 10,500 followers.

I can’t speak to Sileo’s credibility because he’s an unfamiliar name, but at the very least, this story should be posted for the fans discuss. If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be doing my job.

Colin Cowherd, a name that usually makes Browns’ fans sick these days, floated the idea of trading OBJ, so that’s another reason to flesh this thing out.

Sileo tweeted that the 49ers, Patriots and Eagles have incited and that the Browns are “Listening” to offers.

The 49ers are an obvious connection, because San Fran lost out to the Browns in the OBJ sweepstakes.

Let me be clear on where I come out on this: I can’t envision a world in which the Browns are looking to trade Beckham away after five games. Doing so would admit defeat before Halloween, which is insane.

It would make general manager John Dorsey look like a doofus, which is a perception he’d probably like the people who sign his checks not to have of him.

Cowherd spin on OBJ is that the Browns are trying to force him into an offense that was better without him during the second half of 2018. In dealing the veteran, the Browns could probably fix their offensive line woes.

I do think the Browns should be looking for a trade and can make one of these deals to save their season. Not one of these ideas includes OBJ.

The Browns are having trouble getting Beckham the ball, but trading him truly would be crazy.

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Things are rough now, but the schedule really breaks in the Browns favor and they’ll probably be, at the very least, in the playoff picture during the final month of the season.


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