2020 NBA Draft: LaMelo Ball a franchise changer for Cleveland Cavaliers?

With the possibility of the Cleveland Cavaliers drafting LaMelo Ball, the question needs to be asked: Is LaMelo a franchise changer?

You read here weeks ago…LaMelo Ball is in play for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2020 NBA Draft.

Ball is a “name,” but can he be transformational player that ultimately turns the Cavs back into title contenders?

Ball is a pass-first point guard who can score. When you factor in his size (6-foot-7) and the mismatches he could create, you could understand why his name is being tossed around as the possible No. 1 overall pick.

When you take into account the fact that he can pass, score, is already a star, then yes, the case could be made for Ball being a franchise changer.

Veteran C.J. McCollum recently talked up Ball, calling him “Legit,” via Amico Hoops. He also stated LaMelo will be better than Lonzo Ball. If LaMelo Ball is going to be a transformational player, that needs to be true because Ball hasn’t played at a superstar level.

Some new nuggets have surfaced regarding the Cavs interest in Ball, most notably, assistant general manager Mike Gansey flew to Australia to scout the prospect. Ball plays professionally in the Australian Basketball League.

The Cavs already have two point guards in Collin Sexton and rookie Darius Garland, but that shouldn’t hold Cleveland back from taking Ball, if indeed he’s the best player available come draft night.

The Cavs are in a position where they just need to take the best players they can and sort the rest out later. Sexton really came on in the second half of his rookie campaign, but the book is still out on him. He may be better suited to be a sixth-man.

As for Garland, there’s no telling what he’s capable of. He played four games in college. The Cavs are easing him to game action in the preseason. These guys are just so young, you just never know. A trade could always be on the table.

The Cavs are expected to be in play for Ball because nationally, Cleveland is expected to be one of the worst teams in the league, again.

FiveThirtyEight.com projects the Cavs to post the league’s second-worst record this season with a mark of 24-58. Only the Knicks are projected to be worse, with a total of 20 wins.