Cleveland Browns rumors: Peter King weighs in on OBJ trade value

National football writer Peter King weighed in on the Cleveland Browns and Odell Beckham as trade rumors involve the WR have exploded.

As trade rumors involving Odell Beckham run rampant following Jay Glazier’s report, NBC’s Peter King weighed in on the relationship between the Cleveland Browns and their receiver.

Glazer said that Beckham has told other players to “Come get me [out of Cleveland].” That meshes with trade rumors that emanated earlier in the week, in which the local media took a beating for reporting on.

Here’s what King said about Beckham in his Football Morning in America column:

“I know he’s a very good player, and when healthy is a major threat, but this kind of stuff is exactly why Beckham is so difficult to like. The Browns would have a devil of a time getting near what they’d consider market value for him. I agree with Glazer, who said Sunday: “I don’t see that relationship ending well for them after this year.”

It’s time to play America’s new favorite game: Odell or free agent off the street.

Week 11 at PIT: 1 catch for 41 yards: Who put up this stat line? A Free agent off the street or OBJ? In this case, it’s Khadarel Hodge’s line. Beckham had four catches for 60 yards, by the way.

Week 13 vs PIT: 3 catches for 29 yards:? The answer is Odell, although Stephen Carlson really gave him a run for his money, as the tight end caught two balls for 28 yards

Week 14: Two catches for 39 yards: OBJ again. Now you get the point. Go through the box scores and it goes on and on like this.

I’ve been hammering OBJ pretty heavily here, in that he used to be an elite player. It’s really been three years since he’s been worthy of having such a title.

His first three years in the league? Thirty-five touchdowns. The years following? Eleven.

The truth is that since 20017, he’s an injury plagued player more known for going to the Met Gala, posting on Instagram, and owning a $300,000 car that reminds us all of a catch he made five yeaers ago, than being an elite wide receiver right now.

It would be interesting to see what the Browns could get for him, although I tend to agree with King. Cleveland is not going to get a first-round pick for Beckham.

And for all the talk of playing with life long friend Jarvis Landry, well, OBJ was given the chance to squash the rumors after the game yesterday, and he didn’t, stating he wasn’t going to talk about “Offseason stuff that’s going on.”

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We wanted OBJ, and well, we got him. Unfortunately, the good stuff we thought we were going to get to go along with his Diva-ness, never quite made its way from New York.

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