Cleveland Indians: 5 debuts we’re excited to see this season

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5. Delino DeShields

Prior to COVID-19, Delino DeShields wouldn’t have made this list. He was a fourth outfielder who could provide insurance behind Oscar Mercado in center field.

Alas, MLB changed its rules, as a runner can now start on second base in extra innings. That runner is to be the player who made the previous out in the last inning. However, you can put in a pinch runner to replace that player.

This certainly makes DeShields an asset coming off the bench, at a time when every run is important.

Having watched enough minor league ball, starting a runner on second goes about as you’d expect. The first batter attempts to bunt the base runner over, while the next two outs are spent trying to drive him in.

If Tito gets crazy, DeShields could aways be used as a stolen base threat, although the future Hall of Famer would get second-guessed out the wazoo for making the first out of the 10th inning at third base.

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Besides defensive help, base running is probably DeShields biggest attribute and that asset just got a whole heck-of-a-lot more valuable for 2020.