Halloween: The 3 scariest Cleveland Browns players

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns
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Nick Chubb

There is no movie monster that best fits Nick Chubb. He’s not the Wolf Man or Dracula. He’s not Chucky or Pinhead. If anything, he’s more of a natural disaster waiting to happen. The asteroid from Deep Impact, perhaps? Or maybe the tornado from Twister? He’s not a monster, he’s more of a natural disaster waiting to happen. A force of nature that can’t be stopped. He’s a player who is so skilled, so determined and so patient that he can actually break opposing defenses if he’s given enough time.

Like Thanos in the Avengers, Chubb is inevitable.

Having a player like Chubb redefines an entire game. It’s easy to say that he’s the best pure runner in the game but why is always left out. Well, he’s fast. While a 4.52 isn’t blinding speed, he’s able to go ten yards in a little more than a second and the only guys who are within that ten yards are either his teammates or opposing linebackers and linemen. He’s certainly faster than them.

He’s also shifty. When players try to tackle him, they often fall off him and get left by the wayside. Sure, some of its the generation he plays in, and the lack of fundamentals when tackling is an obvious problem but that doesn’t mean he can’t shed tackles as well.

Then there’s his greatest weapon, his power. When Chubb hits you, he hits you like a combat athlete. He’s dazed and put down more than one player and when he throws his stiff arm, watch out, because you’re going to be looking for the rest of your facemask when you come to.

Chubb has made more than one coach have nightmares, worrying about ways to try and stop this guy. He is the most feared for a reason.

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